Geriatric Oral Surgery: An Approach to Restoration


Seniors are special people — and they have highly specialized oral care needs that are different from younger patients. It’s a Golden Age, and that’s why we offer special care that’s highly sensitive to your needs and concerns. Relax! You’re in good hands. Geriatric oral surgery is our specialty. Dr. Puckett is an oral surgeon who is highly sensitive to your needs!

Some of the most common issues our senior patients have are arthritis and osteoporosis. Both of these conditions can have profound impacts on the bones and joints of the jaw. Plus, years of eating, smiling and just plain living have given those chompers a run around the block. Seniors often face increased wear of teeth and gums. They may have issues with their gum lines like gum recession or gingivitis. Tooth loss may be visible. They may need tooth replacement options such as dental implants or dentures. They may require soft tissue grafting. They may even require a dental bone graft or full mouth reconstruction. Or, if they have been injured, they may require a facial trauma surgeon, because as we age our bones become more brittle and more susceptible to injury, wear and damage.

As a highly qualified maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Puckett has been in practice for over 17 years. He has developed a highly sensitive, gentle and specialized approach to geriatric oral surgery to address the needs of seniors.

Dr. Puckett does all forms of oral surgery, including soft tissue grafting, dental bone grafting, dental implant surgery, full mouth reconstruction, and tooth replacement. He is also a highly specialized facial trauma surgeon. Dr. Puckett is also skilled and certified in all forms of sedation for oral surgery, including general anesthesia, which requires extreme care and attention in elderly patients.

Dr. Puckett for Oral Surgery: A Gentler Approach to Anesthesia

Understandably, our older patients have special concerns when it comes to anesthesia and other complex health issues. You want to feel relaxed and comfortable during your oral surgery experience, but you also want to be safe. Fortunately, Dr. Puckett has extensive training in all types of anesthesia sedation for oral surgery. He’ll be able to address your concerns and explain his approach. We strive to maintain a comfortable, relaxing experience that’s also safe, no matter your health concerns. We’re experienced at treating older patients with all types of health issues. It’s important to us that any mouth surgery you might require is tailored to your exact needs, health conditions or limitations and, of course, your preferences. Everyone deserves a beautiful smile and a healthy jaw, at every age.

Do You Experience Anxiety About Oral Surgery?

It’s natural to feel some fear and anxiety at any age when you’re in a dental chair. These fears become more pressing when the treatment involves oral surgery, and understandably even more of a concern if you are an older patient. That’s why we like to walk you through the process and address any questions or concerns you might have. We use the latest advancements in technology when it comes to pain management, and offer several types of sedation for oral surgery that range from aiding your ability to relax during the procedure, to complete unconsciousness during your surgery. Dr. Puckett is licensed to administer all types of sedation for oral surgery.

Protecting the Health of the Jaw Bone in Geriatric Patients

As an older patient, you may have advanced needs when it comes to jaw bone health. This can be impacted by your overall dental care, bone density issues, as well as missing teeth. As we age, the health of our bones decline. Dr. Puckett understands this issue intimately. Jaw bone health affects our approach to treatment. Rest assured, we will come up with the best approach to address your oral health issues while optimizing the health of the jaw bone.

We use the latest technology for procedures like dental bone grafting and dental implant surgery for holistic tooth replacement. We help our patient’s body’s regenerate healthy bone tissue in the jaw. And with dental implants, your bones heal around the artificial roots, essentially replacing the entire structure of the tooth. Whenever possible, dental implants are superior to dentures in full mouth reconstruction, because the roots of your teeth actually hold your jawbone in place as well as keep the jaw from deteriorating. With holistic tooth replacement, we can not only stop, but help to reverse bone loss in the jawbone, preserving and restoring the health of your smile. Most dental implants are made with titanium roots, because titanium is very biocompatible, and even people with immune system issues and conditions typically respond well to them. But for those with worse immune systems or metal allergies, we also offer zirconia dental implants, which are technically a ceramic dental implant, eliminating the risk of an adverse reaction to metal.

Geriatric Oral Treatment Options from an Expert Maxillofacial Surgeon

We use a number of oral surgery approaches when it comes to the treatment of our seniors. This can include the dental implant options we just discussed, as well as various types of bridges and dentures. We can also do dental bonding on chipped teeth to improve the appearance of the smile. For advanced tooth loss, we can even do full mouth restoration for a beautiful smile you’ll be happy to share with others. With the help of Dr. Puckett and his skilled staff, we can keep your smile looking healthy well into old age.

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