Insurance Information for Wilmington Oral Surgery Patients

Office Policies: Insurance Details

Wilmington Oral Surgery makes every effort to provide you with the finest care, and that includes providing convenient financial options and working with your insurance to make the most of your benefits:

We submit your oral surgery claims for you.

Depending on what insurance you may have, we submit claims on your behalf as a courtesy, with the exception of Medicare and Medicaid. Please bring both your dental and medical insurance cards with you to verify coverage at the consultation so that we can expedite this process.

We offer zero-interest 6-month payment plans.

Wilmington Oral Surgery is proud to partner with CareCredit to provide 6 month interest-free plans for qualifying patients.

We’ve reduced our fees by 25%.

This reduction in price covers all oral surgical services we provide, so it benefits all our patients. For those with dental insurance, frequently-provided services are not benefits covered by the insurance company, which relegates the patient to pay full price. Patients without dental insurance will also benefit from the decreased fees, no longer being ‘punished’ for not having insurance.

We are an out-of-network provider.

Dental insurance companies have out-of-network benefits, which are routinely the same percentage coverage as in-network. We are able to see all patients and determine coverage levels for any procedure, check insurance benefits, and file claims with all insurance companies.

We are aware of the games dental insurance companies play, especially related to ‘in-network’ issues. Our recent change of decreased fees, combined with our long-standing practice of minimizing treatment expense, will result in lower patient costs compared to many in-network providers.

Our philosophy of Compassionate Excellence drives everything we do. For more information on our approach to insurance coverage and patient care, please contact our office.

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