Tooth removal, for many reasons, occurs every day in the US. These procedures are very safe and are performed with either local anesthetic or iv anesthesia. We will review your medical history and examine your mouth to make the best plan for removing the tooth / teeth.

An important part of the tooth extraction process is an x-ray. Sometimes your dentist has sent an x-ray which shows the tooth involved. At times, we need to take a digital panorex in order to see your entire jaw to check for any potential issues.

After A Tooth Extraction

Immediately following the surgery, you should gently clean your mouth. You can brush your teeth but be careful at the extraction site. Sometimes dilute salt water or dilute mouthwash can be used to gently rinse your mouth. Frequently, we use natural and homeopathic products to help your mouth heal quicker.

If you smoke (this includes vaping), you should refrain ideally for at least a week after surgery. This will allow your body to start healing faster. This could be the perfect time to kick the habit!

After a tooth extraction, you can eat most normal foods; however, hard and crunchy foods are not a recommended. Foods like chips, pretzels, hard shell tacos, pizza crust, and waffle cones (some of our favorite foods) are not good choices. If ice cream is a favorite, you can even have it for breakfast the next day.

937-382-8020 is our number here at Wilmington Oral Surgery, and we can answer any questions you may have before your procedure. We look forward to treating you!