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happy person in sun glassesThere are a lot of reasons you might consider dental implants. There is no better option for holistic tooth replacement than dental implants. But they’re a specialized procedure, and ensuring you’ve chosen the right implant solution for your mouth’s health means having a great dental implant dentist right here in Cincinnati, to ask questions, do any dental bone grafting, perform the implant procedure, and provide the friendly and thorough aftercare you expect as well! That’s why Wilmington Oral Surgery is the best Cincinnati dental implant dentist. We perform all of these services, with the best products and the most skilled oral surgeon. And what’s more, we provide our patients with these quality dental implants for $300-$800 less per implant than other dental implant dentists.

Why are Dental Implants the Great Choice for Tooth Replacement?

Every dental implant dentist will tell you that their patients are consistently amazed by their results. Dental implants look, feel and function just like regular teeth, inside and out. And now with ceramic dental implants available, even people with metal allergies can get holistic tooth replacement. Your Cincinnati dental implant dentist will explain to you in your initial consultation all the real health benefits of replacing a tooth with a dental implant, as opposed to a bridge or dentures. Because it isn’t just about looking good (although they do!); dental implants preserve the health of your jaw and all your other teeth, too.

What Does a Cincinnati Dental Implant Dentist Do?

A dental implant dentist specializes specifically in the process of preparing a mouth to properly take a dental implant, perform the procedures necessary, and keep track of the patient’s recovery and osseointegration process. If you begin the process of getting dental implants, your Cincinnati dental implant dentist, after an initial consultation, would perform any dental bone grafting necessary. Once that’s properly healed, they’ll install the actual dental implant – this is the part underneath the gums that replaces the tooth’s roots. Then, once the gums have healed properly around the dental implant, your Cincinnati dental implant dentist will attach an implant crown, usually porcelain, to the abutment on the implant. And there you have it! Natural, holistic tooth replacement that’s basically permanent!

Who’s a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

Not everyone’s mouth health is in good enough condition for your Cincinnati dental implant dentist to just go ahead and approve you for the procedure. Some requirements include:

  • Being in general, in good health
  • Having healthy gum tissue
  • Have a jawbone healthy enough to take the implant (Though a dental implant dentist can fix this with some simple dental bone grafting.)
  • No smoking habit
  • Can deal with being patient through a process that may take months (Although our oral surgeon can do same day dental implants for some candidates!)

Give Your Local Cincinnati Dental Implant Dentist a Call; We’d Love to Hear from You!

As a Cincinnati oral and maxillofacial surgery practice with a dental implant dentist right here in our office, we’re always ready to help a patient restore their smile. And not just its appearance – its health as well. Dental implants offer holistic, long-term solutions for tooth replacement. And yes, they are expensive. But our dental implant dentist knows the families of Cincinnati need affordable dental implants, so he’s found a way around the industry standard that saves you $300-$800 per implant.

Choose Wilmington Oral Surgery as your Cincinnati dental implant dentist – we’re always here to help, and we’d love to hear from you.

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