A Holistic Approach to Pain Management 
and Patient Care

Wilmington Oral Surgery is the leading oral surgery practice in Ohio to implement natural, holistic pain management and prevention solutions to patients.

Wilmington Oral Surgery addresses both prevention and pain control using natural and holistic means. Our protocol significantly minimizes pain and swelling, which results in a faster, easier recovery. Additionally, many of our patients can significantly minimize or eliminate the need for stronger pain medications.

How It Works

Natural Medicines

Our office will address both prevention and pain control through the use of natural and holistic anti-inflammatory medications. These medications will work to reduce pain, swelling, and bruising which will result in a faster, easier recovery. In collaboration with the VEGA Recovery Kit, patients are instructed to begin the natural medications three days prior to procedure and seven days following. Previous patients have shown that use of both of these pain management systems significantly reduced or eliminated the need for stronger prescription medications.

VEGA Recovery Kit

The VEGA Recovery Kit is a three part system consisting of an antimicrobial mouth rinse, pain-relief spray, and topical gel. Patients will be advised to begin using this natural solution three days prior to surgery and continue use for seven days following post operation. This holistic pain management system is proven to support faster recovery time, reduce overall discomfort, and lessen the need for prescription narcotics.

A Photo of Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy

Wilmington Oral Surgery is excited to add Photobiomodulation (PBM), also known as Red Light Therapy, to our natural healing protocol. This therapy utilizes red light and near-infrared light to promote healing by reducing inflammation and enhancing bone and soft tissue healing at surgical sites. The concentrated light wavelengths penetrate into tissues and stimulate mitochondria to generate more energy to help the body regenerate and heal.

2003 vs 2023

What Has Changed

A Photo of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

In 2003, removing this wisdom tooth in a 50-year old would be as follows:

  • Removal of the impacted tooth
  • Prescriptions for 800mg Ibuprofen and (20) Percocet
  • Jaw wrap for post-op swelling

In 2023, multiple improvements have been made:

  • Preoperative Natural anti-inflammatory medications
  • Preoperative initiation of Vega Recovery kit
  • Removal of the impacted tooth
  • Use of PRF in the extraction site to minimize pain, swelling, inflammation
  • Use of dentin autografting to promote bone growth on the back side of the second molar in front of the wisdom tooth
  • Postoperative use of Natural anti-inflammatory medications and Vega Recovery kit
  • Jaw wrap for post-op swelling
  • Prescriptions for 800mg Ibuprofen and either (2) or (5) Percocet 

The improvements result in:

  • Significant decrease in narcotic need – amount and duration
  • Minimization of pain / bruising / swelling
  • More rapid recovery and return to normal daily function
  • Essentially no chance of having a ‘dry socket’ after the extraction
  • Improved bone regeneration on the back of the second molar

What Our Customers Have to Say


Staff was great, made pulling my wisdom teeth easy and painless as it could be, also great follow up care. Highly recommend!

Michael B


I had 4 wisdom teeth extracted and I was able to go back to full-time teaching in 3 days! I healed so quickly and never needed pain meds!

Kathryn Cora


I had my wisdom teeth removed, a couple days ago, and the recovery has went so much better than I’ve expected. Virtually zero pain whatsoever. 

Tyler Meddock


Had 2 wisdom teeth removed yesterday. Literally in no pain at all this morning, just sore. He’s amazing, the staff is amazing. I would recommend them 100%!!!!

Amanda Kempke