Single-Day Dental Implant Reconstruction

Technology has come a long way in the science of oral surgery. Not long ago, getting a dental implant to replace a tooth was a long and difficult process that required several visits to complete. Advances in technology for oral surgery and our prioritization of offering the best treatment options, we can now do dental implants in a single day for eligible patients.

It’s a true modern miracle of oral surgery. You can walk into our clinic for a single appointment and come out with a brand new smile. With same-day dental implants, your time in the dental chair is minimized. This means fewer Novocain treatments, faster healing, less rearranging of your work schedule, and fewer trips to our office. This saves time and stress, especially if you live in Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, or surrounding neighborhoods, where traffic can be a pain, especially at rush hours.

Same-Day Dental Implants: A Streamlined Approach to Permanent Tooth Replacement

Long-term studies have shown great success of immediate implant placement and delivery of the fixed prosthesis. Working together with your general dentist, Dr. Puckett and his staff can remove teeth, place dental implants, and deliver a fixed (not removable) prosthesis in one day. Computer-assisted planning of the case before surgery results in more efficient implant placement, less patient discomfort, reduced or eliminated need for bone grafting, and an easier recovery.

So yes, when we say “same-day dental implants,” we mean exactly that: high-quality dental implants for tooth replacement delivered on the same day you walk in.

Using this technology for over a decade, we have found it to be successful even in patients who have worn dentures for many years. Even with significant bone loss, Dr. Puckett and his staff can evaluate your condition and formulate a plan to restore your mouth and function.

One-Day Dental Implants: A Single Oral Surgery in Several Steps

Two to four appointments are needed prior to the day of the dental implant surgery.

Step 1: Examination and 3-D cone beam computer tomography (CT) scan

The system uses scatter radiation to provide clearer images than X-rays. Views and angles can be manipulated for superior digital implant planning. Three-dimensional evaluation also helps to eliminate complications.

During the scan, a focused X-ray beam in the shape of a cone is moved 360 degrees around your head to make up to 600 images, also called views.

Using the CT with current software, we can plan challenging implant cases which previously were not possible. We can accurately assess landmarks such as the lower jawbone canal, the sinuses beside the nose and adjacent teeth, as well as the volume, height, width, and angle of bone.

The technology also allows us to conduct flapless implant placement, which is less invasive, less painful, and improves soft tissue outcomes.

Step 2: Plan coordination with your dentist and the dental lab

Once we have a plan, our team coordinates with your dentist and the dental lab to finalize how it will be executed.

Step 3: Treatment day

Because the procedure is mapped out in every detail, we are ready to start when you arrive. The replacement teeth are custom-made to your mouth and your situation. We place the same day dental implants in a way that prevents them from moving while the implant is fusing with the bone.

This one-day process streamlines treatment, saves time, reduces anxiety, and improves results. After just one treatment visit, you will have natural-looking teeth that can stay healthy with proper hygiene. You can eat, smile, laugh and speak immediately. Once the implants heal fully, they will be as strong as your natural teeth.

Yes, dental implants done in a single appointment — a dream come true!

Step 4: Healing

As with traditional implants, same-day implants must securely fuse with the jawbone. You must follow Dr. Puckett’s recommendations for oral care after the procedure to avoid complications. Smoking will slow healing and the process of osseointegration.

How Same-Day Dental Implant Surgery is Different

In the traditional method of replacing teeth with dental implants, Step 3 happens in two parts, separated by several weeks. The initial implant procedure would be the installation of the implant itself. You’re then left time for your bone to fuse around the implant. The second implant surgery would then be to install the abutment and the false tooth crown. Depending on health, healing and the extent of the mouth reconstruction, this process can take up to a year.

Same-day dental implants take those two processes to do them in tandem, saving months of healing time and months of not having a tooth crown at the site of the implant. But because the new implant crown has to remain stable as the jaw heals around the implant root in the months following the surgery, patients must have sufficient jaw health for this procedure to work.

If your jaw needs just a bit of help, we may need to do a dental bone graft to strengthen the jawbone to be able to accept the dental implants. Dr. Puckett will access your jawbone and mouth on your first appointment. For patients with more compromised bone health, same-day dental implants aren’t a viable option for oral reconstruction. However, with our surgeon’s skill and array of options for tooth replacement, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t get dental implants via traditional methods.

Schedule a consultation with our oral surgeon to see if you’re a candidate for same-day dental implants.

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