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Missing a tooth, multiple teeth or all of your teeth? Dental implants can restore your smile — not just good as new, but better than ever before. Dental implants are surgically placed in your jaw, essentially screwed in like a rooted tooth. Unlike dentures, dental implants are permanent: they stay in all the time and are for all practical purposes identical to your natural tooth, only more perfect. And since they replace not only the visible portion of your tooth, but the root as well, dental implants are a holistic option for tooth replacement that keeps your jaw healthy and your smile beautiful.

You can get dental implants for functional or cosmetic purposes — whatever works best for you!

What’s Involved in the Dental Implant Process

Usually, dental implant surgery is a 2-step process. First, we remove the original tooth or teeth, if they’re not already gone. Often, we perform some dental bone grafting after the extraction(s) to prepare your mouth for the dental implant as well as to preserve the bone. Our smart dentin method of dental bone grafting makes the process easy, the grafting more effective, and the healing time faster.

If we tell you you’ll need a bone graft before we can perform your dental implant surgery, don’t fret; it may mean the process to your new replacement tooth is a bit longer, but it also means chances of success and permanent stability of the implant are at their highest. While some of our patients are healthy enough for same-day dental implants, we never perform same-day implants where we shouldn’t. Good things come to those who wait, after all.

In the second phase of dental implant surgery, we surgically screw the new implant in place, allowing it to heal for 2 to 4 months so the implant and the bone can join. We offer both titanium and ceramic dental implants to our patients. Both materials are strong and extremely biocompatible (meaning your bone likes to fuse to it).

Titanium implants are stable and the industry standard. Ceramic or zirconia dental implants are a bit more prone to cracking and breaking, but they’re great for patients with metal allergies. The main advantage of choosing a zirconia implant is there is no chance of that dark shadow at the gum line that sometimes occurs as titanium dental implants age and your gums recede.

While you heal from your dental implant surgery, Dr. Puckett will coordinate the creation of the crown with your dentist. He is one of the best dental implant dentists serving Cincinnati, Columbus and Dayton. His experienced care and attention to comfort (not to mention his unique cost-saving methods) are the reasons so many of our patients are willing to make the drive.

If you have a healthy jawbone, same day dental implants are possible. Many times we can do the removal and dental implant in one visit, thanks to technological advancements our office has embraced. This is ideal because it saves about 3 months in the process and minimizes your visits. We are happy to offer same day dental implants to eligible patients in Southwest Ohio and Greater Cincinnati.

Affordable Dental Implants — How We Can Save You $300 to $800 on Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implant surgery is usually the approach we recommend for tooth replacement and mouth reconstruction because the results are as good or better than your natural tooth, both in appearance and function. The only drawback is cost. Dental implants are more expensive than dentures or other alternatives. But since this tooth replacement option is both comprehensive and permanent, the cost over time evens out with more temporary options you’ll need to replace every so often. Plus, dental implant surgery is the only oral surgery procedure for mouth reconstruction that stops bone loss and tooth movement.

The good news is we can offer you better savings than you’ll get from most dental implant dentists and oral surgeons. We do everything we can to make dental implants as affordable as possible. In most cases, we can save you $300 to $800 — and you’ll get a better treatment plan in the process. We try to deliver the best dental implants that are still within your budget.

A More Affordable Comfortable Approach to Dental Care

That kind of savings sounds too good to be true, but the truth is it’s because we take a more thoughtful, strategic approach to the cost of your dental implant surgery. That’s why so many of our treasured clients say we are the best dental implant dentists in Central and Southwest Ohio. Our dental implants are affordable. We put your priorities, comfort and financial considerations ahead of the whims of your insurance company. We like to treat patients, not insurance company stockholders.

How can we offer more affordable dental implants than most? First, we only charge for the amount of anesthesia time needed for the procedure. Many oral surgeons and dental implant dentists instead charge for the amount of anesthesia allowed by the insurance company (60 minutes in four 15-minute increments), even when the procedure usually takes far fewer than 60 minutes.

Second, we base our fees on our understanding of the value of the service and care we provide — not the recommended amounts listed in the ‘Fee Schedule’ book which most oral surgeons and dental implant dentists use. This results in substantial financial savings for our patients. The end result is affordable dental implants where our patients actually pay less, regardless of the limitations of insurance policies. That’s why we think our approach to dental implants is the best — we pass the savings on to you!

Finally, we don’t let insurance companies dictate our patients’ needs. Dr. Puckett is the maxillofacial surgeon after all; you are the patient. Insurance companies may be running a business, but they should not be allowed to limit the quality of care we provide you. We insist on affordable dental implants and won’t let the insurance companies dictate what you need.

We Offer Same Day Dental Implants to Eligible Patients

Yes, we do offer same day dental implants — if you have a healthy jawbone and are an ideal candidate. Thanks to modern technology and our innovative approach to dental implant surgery, we can do the procedure in one day.

Cases where we might be able to give patients same day dental implants are younger patients in good health who have had a tooth knocked out due to facial trauma, or as a tooth replacement for one that is chipped and discolored beyond what bonding or veneers could fix satisfactorily.

A Smarter Approach to Technology, a Natural Approach to Healing

The best dental implant dentists believe in the power of technology; Dr. Puckett is no exception. Good dental technology and a holistic approach to tooth replacement increases the quality of care we can provide. We use the latest state-of-the-art equipment and science to deliver you the best care possible. You’re in good hands.

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