Wilmington Oral Surgery offers a full spectrum of oral and maxillofacial procedures to patients of all ages. Our specialties include:

Dental Implants

Dental implants are permanent, holistic tooth replacement. They provide patients with the opportunity to restore natural function and aesthetics. Whether you are missing one, multiple, or all of your teeth, dental implants can provide the foundation to smile and eat with confidence. 


Dr. Puckett has extensive training and experience diagnosing and treating cases where there is significant loss of bone and soft tissue in the jaws and oral region. Whether due to illness or injury, we offer the latest in minimally-invasive bone and soft tissue grafting.

Wisdom Teeth

In the adult mouth, the wisdom teeth are the most common cause of problems like infection, cavities, bone loss, damage to adjacent teeth, and potential cyst formation. We can perform a wisdom tooth extraction at any age, from simple removals to complicated and impacted extractions.

Orthodontic Surgery

Oral surgery procedures are occasionally required to help properly align your teeth into the dental arch and to assist your orthodontist. We work closely with your orthodontist and keep you informed every step of the way for the best inter-office treatment possible.

Office Anesthesia

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are one of the few medical specialists and the only dental specialists that are mandatorily trained with the core knowledge and skills to administer IV sedation and general anesthesia to provide you with the highest level of safety and comfort.

3-D Cone Beam CT

The 3D Cone Beam CT allows Dr. Puckett to diagnose and treatment plan your case with precision and accuracy. It allows for a more detailed and comprehensive picture of your mouth and jaw health, allowing us to know your treatment plan is thorough.

Oral Pathology

Occasionally, your dentist or physician will notice an abnormality in your oral cavity or within your jaw and recommend having the area evaluated. Dr. Puckett has over twenty years of experience evaluating and treating pathology of the face and jaws using advanced technology like 3D CT scans.

Laser Surgery

The Waterlase laser utilizes cutting-edge technology, combining laser technology and water resulting in a “cold laser.” The Waterlase has numerous applications and benefits over traditional lasers. This surgical laser technology allows us to offer minimally-invasive oral procedures with faster healing time.

Pediatric Oral Surgery

Dr. Puckett and his staff are experts in treating the pediatric population, treating patients as young as two days old. He is experienced in working with other pediatric specialists to create comprehensive and timely treatment plans even for complicated cases like orofacial clefts.

Facial Trauma

Dr. Puckett, as a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon, is highly-qualified to diagnose and treat injuries to the teeth, jaws and face. He is the only maxillofacial surgeon who has privileges at Clinton Medical Hospital for emergency facial trauma surgeries.

Single Day Implant Reconstruction

Advances in implant technology now make it possible to have fully-functioning teeth in a single day. For patients with good jaw structure and stable health, same-day dental implants can cut down on office visits and healing time.

Bone Grafting

Dr. Puckett utilizes a number of grafting techniques based upon the needs of your case. He is skilled at dental bone grafting for wisdom teeth, jaw deterioration, trauma, and other pathologies that require a graft in order to stabilize the jaw and/or sinuses.

Dentin Grafting

Dental grafting materials work to restore the bone supporting teeth and dental implants. Dentin grafting is a more holistic approach to jaw bone grafting that uses natural, native material. This often increases efficacy and cuts down on healing time.

Full Mouth/Facial Reconstruction

Facial trauma and pathology can result in a significant loss of bone and soft tissue in the jaws and oral region. Dr. Puckett has extensive training and experience diagnosing and treating these cases, from the simple repairs to complex reconstruction.