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Being told you need an oral or maxillofacial surgery is never fun. In fact, it can induce a lot of anxiety and stress in your life. And when you’re not sure the oral surgery practice you see is really ready to support you, you’re set up for an unpleasant experience inside and outside of surgery. But this doesn’t have to be your reality – Wilmington Oral Surgery is here to provide our Greenfield neighbors with a better brand of oral surgery service.

With us, you can rest assured you have the full support of our surgeon and staff every step of the way.

Why Wilmington Oral Surgery is Different

At our office, we strive to make the process of having and recovering from oral surgery as calm, streamlined and effective as possible for all our patients. Just a few of the ways we support your experience include:

  • Making dental implant surgery affordable
  • Providing a calm, friendly environment
  • Answering any and all of your questions – and we do mean all
  • Minimally-invasive laser surgery
  • Sedation for oral surgery
  • Working with you to make your oral surgery financially accessible

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Services We Offer Our Greenville Oral Surgery Patients

We offer a wide array of services to our Greenville patients, and tailor every treatment method to meet that unique patient’s needs. Some of our services include:

  • Dental implants
  • Wisdom tooth removal
  • Surgery for facial trauma
  • Mouth reconstruction
  • Pediatric maxillofacial interventions
  • Dental bone grafting
  • Soft tissue grafting
  • 3D cone beam x-rays

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Holistic Care: Better Comfort, Better Healing, Better Outcomes

Whenever possible, we like to swap out mainstream medicine for homeopathic treatments that are just as effective. In fact, the two aren’t mutually exclusive at all; natural approaches can improve clinical ones. Some ways we help our patients achieve their best outcomes in the most natural way possible include:

  • Homeopathic recovery kit
  • Ceramic dental implants
  • PRF fibrin applications for grafts
  • Smart Dentin grafting
  • Red light therapy

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Get the Best Oral Surgery Services in Greenville

At Wilmington Oral Surgery, it’s a different kind of experience, and that’s because we’re focused on you. Oral surgery can be scary, but with us, you can rest assured you will receive the most effective, friendly, gentle care available. When coupled with the most advanced oral surgery techniques available, we are here to help our Greenville patients get the beautiful, healthy smiles they deserve.

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