Advanced Maxillofacial Surgical Treatments for Facial Trauma

emergency roomRepairing facial trauma takes a surgeon with a skilled, steady, gentle hand. There’s a reason Dr. Puckett is the only maxillofacial surgeon who takes facial trauma calls at Clinton Memorial Hospital: he’s the very best at what he does.

Dr. Puckett is a board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon. He is highly qualified to diagnose and treat injuries to the teeth, jaws and face. Dr. Puckett is exceptionally adept at treating both soft tissue and hard tissue injuries. As a maxillofacial surgeon who specializes in reconstruction dentistry and facial trauma, Dr. Puckett provides patients with comprehensive treatment, restoring the mouth both aesthetically and functionally.

Patient-Focused, Gentle Care for Facial Trauma Reconstruction

But Dr. Puckett is more than just any oral surgeon; he cares deeply about his patients and the care they receive at our clinic. Not only does he deliver exceptional care, but he believes in a gentler approach to oral reconstruction and tooth replacement. Wilmington Oral Surgery offers several integrated holistic treatments to minimize the additional trauma a maxillofacial surgery adds to the initial trauma it’s intended to repair:


Our practice takes advantage of the latest technology in full mouth reconstruction, which allows us to achieve great results with less invasive and uncomfortable procedures. Dr. Puckett is also trained in sedation dentistry and can administer all forms, to ease both the comfort and anxieties of his patients.

For some facial trauma, Dr. Puckett can treat you at our offices in Wilmington. More complex cases are performed in the operating room at Clinton Memorial Hospital, where he maintains privileges. Depending on the type of orofacial reconstruction needed, Dr. Puckett understands the importance of an interdisciplinary approach to treatment, and works with other specialists, like plastic surgeons and otolaryngologists.

Extensive Tooth Loss: Dental Implants for Full-Mouth Reconstructions

Facial trauma may involve the loss of one or more teeth, which can lead to changes in supporting bone structure in the upper and lower jaws. Dental implants are the most comprehensive and holistic way to replace teeth lost from facial trauma. They perform the same aesthetic, occupational and biological functions as your natural teeth did, and they preserve the health of your jaw.

In facial trauma that causes extensive jaw damage, often an approach to stabilizing the jaw is required. However, once your jaw heals, you’re still missing teeth, which in itself is an ongoing threat to your bone health. Tooth implants are the best way to ensure your jaw reconstruction stays healthy and stable. This is due to their 3-part structure: the implant, the abutment and the crown:

Implant Root & Abutment

The actual implant portion of a prosthetic tooth is what does the real work. This small titanium or zirconia post is surgically inserted into the jaw in a simple oral surgery. The abutment at the top of the post is the only part that sits above the gum line.

The jaw bone, sometimes with the help of a graft augmentation, then grows around the post, integrating it. This stimulation stabilizes (1) the implant, (2) the jaw structure at the site and (3) the alignment/stability of the rest of your teeth.

Implant Crown

The implant crown, which is attached to the abutment once the jaw has had sufficient time to heal around the implant post, serves as the replacement tooth. Most often made of ceramic, a dental implant’s crown looks just like a natural tooth, and has the same strength as natural tooth material. Plus, dental implants don’t need any special care other than the dental care routine you should be doing daily anyway!

Dental Implant Surgery & Facial Trauma Reconstruction for Cincinnati Patients

We often include dental implant surgery in our treatment plans for facial trauma to the jaw, as it’s the best and most permanent way to replace lost teeth. We offer patients the option of titanium or zirconia ceramic dental implants, and those with sufficient jaw structure may be eligible for same-day implant installation.

Suffering a severe injury to your face is scary, and surgeries to correct your facial trauma may seem daunting. But correcting issues with your mouth, face and jaw shouldn’t be put off. At Wilmington Oral Surgery, you don’t have to worry; Dr. Puckett is highly skilled and can help you through every level of treatment, from simple tooth replacement to full mouth reconstruction.

With Dr. Puckett, you’re not just in good hands – you’re in the very best.

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