The Secret behind Our Affordable Approach to Oral Surgery

Your dentist is great. Your family has seen them for years. They’re practically family. You trust them. But there are some dental health needs your dentist doesn’t specialize in. You need a maxillofacial surgeon, also known as an oral surgeon. The good news is this is an easier process than you think. Don’t let the surgery part of oral surgery scare you off. And guess what? Oral surgery through Dr. Puckett is more affordable than you think.

A Gentler Approach to Oral Surgery

Here are some reasons you might need oral surgery — and how we make the whole process more affordable and gentler than you might get from other clinics. We’ve drilled down on our procedures to make affordable oral surgery a reality.  Our unique approach to maxillofacial surgery is what makes us worth the drive — why people are willing to come out to see us from Cincinnati, Columbus, and Dayton. We make it worth their while.

Dr. Puckett is a maxillofacial surgeon who prioritizes patient care. Having a beautiful smile should be something everyone can afford, which is why our billing practices are different than other oral surgery practices. We don’t let industry status quo or insurance companies dictate what oral surgery costs our patients. We believe in delivering quality, painless oral surgery without the exorbitant price. You deserve great oral care that’s also affordable!

Post-Canal Corrective Surgery for Infected Tooth Roots

Root canals aren’t always perfect; sometimes they fail to solve the problem. Sometimes, you need an oral surgeon to remove the tooth’s root through a process known as an apicoectomy. We conduct mouth surgery to remove the tip of the root from the tooth, cutting out the infection at the source. We leave the top of the tooth intact, so there’s no need to extract and replace your natural tooth.

The aim of an apicoectomy is to get rid of ruined gum and bone tissue so your tooth won’t continue to be a problem. This will protect your teeth, as well as your gums, surrounding jawbone, and nearby teeth. Because the tooth will no longer be “alive,” it can no longer continue to become infected or cause other issues like decay of neighboring teeth or abscesses.

Gentle, Efficient Approaches to Oral Surgery for Impacted Teeth

Sometimes a tooth will grow at an abnormal angle and won’t fully emerge from the gum line. Sometimes it doesn’t emerge from the gums at all. This is known as an impacted tooth. Wisdom teeth are a classic example. Impacted wisdom teeth need removed because if they get trapped below the gums they can create abscesses and infection.

Another type of tooth that sometimes become impacted are eye teeth. When there’s not enough room in the arch for them to descend fully, they’ll get stuck above your other teeth. This can result in movement of other teeth and problems with your bite.

We can do surgery to safely remove impacted wisdom teeth so they do not affect your jawbone or surrounding teeth. Our oral surgeon, Dr. Puckett, also specializes in pediatric oral surgery, and can remove impacted eye teeth in children, or release them and refer an orthodontic approach.

Reconstructing Smiles by Replacing Missing Teeth

It’s not the end of the world. Missing teeth happen to the best of us, even at a relatively young age. Whether from facial trauma, decay or other health-related problems, you might lose teeth or need to have teeth extracted. But if you don’t do anything about replacing missing teeth, it can cause problems with surrounding teeth, gums, jawbone, or even cause your face to have a “caved-in” look.

For an holistic approach to mouth reconstruction, we can perform oral surgery to install dental implants in your jaw bone. Dental implants essentially function like your natural tooth – the crown itself as well as the artificial root. Dental implants are the best remedy to missing teeth, because they preserve the health of your jaw bone, and they’re permanent. And yes, we do offer same-day dental implants near you, so long as your jaw health is good enough.

We also offer ceramic dental implants, otherwise known as zirconia dental implants. These differ from titanium (standard) dental implants in a few ways. They’re not metal, so they’re even more biocompatible than titanium. Zirconia implants will also successfully integrate with bone, and they won’t leave that dark line at the gum line you sometimes find with titanium implants.

The caveat of these ceramic implants, sometimes mistakenly referred to as zirconium implants, is that they’re new, so we aren’t sure if they last the 25+ years that titanium dental implants do. It also seems like, while zirconia dental implants are a bit more flexible than their titanium counterparts, they have a slightly higher rate of breakage.

How We Save You Money on Your Oral Surgery

We’re an affordable oral surgeon. And we don’t just say that because it sounds nice; we go out of our way to reduce your costs while still providing high-quality, gentler care. Our cost-conscious approach is why we are the choice affordable oral surgeon for patients in Cincinnati, Columbus and Dayton.

Why are we are the area’s go-to choice for a cheap oral surgeon who offers top-notch services?

  • We only charge for the anesthesia time required. Most oral surgeons will charge you for the anesthesia time the insurance company allows, even though it may require far less.
  • We only code for the exact position of the teeth when doing mouth surgeries like wisdom teeth removal. Some less scrupulous oral surgeons will code to a higher level just to milk the insurance money. But the best maxillofacial surgeons will never do that.
  • We don’t let the insurance companies boss us around. We advocate for your care and do our best to see that it’s covered to the fullest by your insurance.
  • We base our fees for oral surgeries on a fair and reasonable understanding of our costs and value of the service provided. We do not estimate our fees on the recommended amounts listed in the ‘Fee Schedule’ book which most oral surgery and dental offices use.


Basically, we’re an affordable oral surgeon because we drill into the details to keep costs down.

Wilmington Oral Surgery: Cost-Conscious, Patient-Centered Care

We strive to be an affordable oral surgeon while providing you high-quality care with a gentler approach. Our patients are like family to us, and we also believe that everybody deserves a healthy, beautiful smile – cost shouldn’t stop that from happening. We want the best for you and your family, and that means doing everything we can to keep costs down without compromising on the quality of care.

And yes, oral surgery can be painless; we prioritize your comfort with a variety of sedation methods available, too. With Dr. Puckett, you’re in good hands — you (and your wallet) won’t feel a thing!

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