dental implants

How Long Will a Dental Implant Last? Factors to Consider

Dental implants are clearly your best option for tooth replacement — though they are also one of the most expensive. It’s a considerable investment, after all. But how long does a dental implant last? Like just about everything else in life, that depends on a...

woman covering her mouth

5 Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

Naturally your teeth are important to you. A smile is not only beautiful; it’s functional. Teeth can be easily taken for granted — until you’re missing one or more teeth. It’s easy to feel shame. How will the missing teeth affect your appearance and ability...


Does Insurance Cover Wisdom Teeth Removal?

As a licensed oral surgeon, Dr. Puckett gets asked many questions about wisdom teeth removal: Does it hurt? How much does it cost? Can wisdom teeth be removed during a single visit? But the number one question we get asked is this: Is wisdom teeth...