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How Same Day Dental Implants Save Time & Stress

Same day dental implants — how is that possible? That’s usually the reaction we get when we mention the option for same day dental implants. It seems too good to be true, but unlike the advice your mother taught you, in this case it’s for...

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A Guide to Recovering from Major Facial Trauma

If you break a bone in your face or jaw, you may suffer serious problems that can affect your eating, speaking and even the ability to smile. You may require surgery to repair your face so you can enjoy normal activities again. Sometimes full mouth...

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Does Dental Implant Surgery Hurt? Not Really! What to Expect

Mention dental implant surgery, and people get nervous. It is technically surgery, after all. The mere thought of any kind of surgery can raise some people’s anxiety levels. That’s probably why the number one question we get is this: Does dental implant surgery hurt? Not...