Effective Oral Surgery Care for Springboro Residents

If you’re looking for an experienced oral surgeon in the Springboro area, you’ll know it’s tough to decide who you’re going to trust with your mouth. There are tons of options for services like mouth restoration or holistic wisdom teeth removal, but you’re often left wondering who’s going to take the best care of you. Let us introduce ourselves and our practice—we’re Wilmington Oral Surgery, and we’re one of the top-rated oral surgeons around Springboro.

Complete and Extensive Oral Reconstruction

Whether you need complete and experienced dental bone grafting on your mouth or you need high-quality dental implants for multiple areas in your mouth, Dr. Puckett has you covered with his decades of experience in oral health and surgery. Minor procedures—like wisdom teeth removal, tooth extraction, and our dental implants that look just like real teeth—are done in-office, while other, more extensive procedures are taken care of at the hospital where we have access to other equipment to better serve your needs.

Why Should Someone Consider Oral Surgery?

If you’ve been experiencing problems with your mouth and teeth, oral surgery offers plenty more benefits than just a pretty smile. It can help improve any of the following areas:

  • Overall Health: The separate areas of our entire bodies are linked together, and taking care of your mouth is a great place to start improving your health. Impacted teeth and infections can cause trouble for the rest of our body and addressing these issues with a skilled oral surgeon can create a world of difference.
  • Sleep Quality: Anyone who has experienced oral pain knows how disruptive it can feel, and that disruption can easily carry over into when it’s bedtime. Scheduling removal for impacted wisdom teeth or finally getting a well-fitted dental implant for your mouth can help alleviate that discomfort.
  • Proper Nutrition: Missing teeth makes eating more difficult than it needs to be. Receiving dental implants or addressing other issues preventing you from eating certain foods allows for a broader, more balanced diet.
  • Jaw Function: A misaligned jaw can lead to issues like persistent headaches, TMJ pain, and difficulty chewing. Finding an experienced maxillofacial doctor and receiving corrective surgery for your jaw can alleviate all of those issues and improve jaw function.

Oral Surgery Services for Springboro Residents

We offer the following services to our patients with the utmost care and attention provided:

  • Dental Implants: We take pride in offering some of the best dental implants around that are affordable and look great. Implants are permanent replacements for missing teeth and can restore both function and structure to the rest of your mouth, not to mention improving your smile. In some cases, we can even offer same-day dental implants.
  • Tooth Extraction: Whether you need precise and skilled wisdom teeth removal or your tooth is badly infected and needs removed, Dr. Puckett will take care of you. Untreated tooth infections can lead to a slew of other issues like bone loss, spread of infection to other areas, and facial abscesses.
  • Maxillofacial Surgery: Dr. Puckett is a top-rated maxillofacial surgeon and can assist with full mouth reconstruction and restoring your jaw and smile after they’ve faced serious trauma. Via bone and tissue grafting, you can have your smile and confidence back.
  • Pediatric ad Geriatric Oral Dentistry: No matter where you’re at in life, Wilmington Oral Surgery will meet you there and provide oral surgery that’s as pain-free as possible.

Our Holistic Approach for Springboro

We put our patients first, and that includes offering some of the best holistic oral surgery practices out there. Our team is fully-equipped to take a natural approach to pain management and relief, and we set you up for an easy, speedy recovery. We offer the following holistic treatments for our patients:

  • Red light therapy to target and reduce inflammation
  • Natural pain management to lessen the frequency of prescribing opioids when not needed
  • Pre and post-op holistic approaches to set you up for success for the entire process

If we’ve managed to check all the boxes, and you’re looking for an experienced and trusted oral dentist around Springboro, call our office or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment!

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