Patient-Centered Oral Surgery for Mt Orab Patients

We get it – seeing a new oral surgeon isn’t exactly on your bucket list of fun things to do in life. But sometimes we need a little help to protect the integrity of our oral health, and to preserve our best smile. And while at some practices the clinical outweighs the personal, that’s not what patients experience at our office.

Conveniently located in the Mt Orab area, Wilmington Oral Surgery provides the support you need to go into your oral surgery without being a nervous wreck, and to recover from your procedure as quickly and painlessly as possible.

How do we do it?

Wilmington Oral Surgery Keeps Patient Comfort in Focus

Patient comfort isn’t just about a friendly staff – though ours has that one down in spades. There are many other facets associated with your oral surgery experience that we strive to make as transparent and helpful as possible. These include but are not limited to:

  • Thorough communication – You get personal consultations with our oral surgeon, who’ll answer as many questions as you have about your treatment plan, the surgery process, recovery, and anything else you’re concerned about.
  • Sedation options – We provide several methods of sedation should patients need a little help keeping calm during their procedure.
  • A better way of billing – We don’t use industry-standard billing methods, which pad the value of services like anesthesia. Instead, we only bill for the exact value of our services and resources used during your surgery, which makes expensive procedures like dental implant surgery accessible for a wider array of Mt Orab
  • A focus on recovery – our practice provides holistic alternatives and augmentation for things like pain and inflammation management, bone graft support, laser surgery, and more.

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A Spectrum of Oral Surgery Solutions for Mt Orab

Mt Orab residents of all walks of life can experience our unique brand of gentle, compassionate, state-of-the-art care, including:

  • Wisdom tooth extractions (pediatric and adult)
  • Surgery for pathologies (pediatric, orthodontic, congenital, etc)
  • Dental implant surgery (titanium, ceramic, same-day, etc)
  • Reconstruction (facial trauma, health-related pathology, etc)

We utilize advanced treatment methods to reduce trauma from the procedure and maximize positive outcome from the procedure(s), including:

  • Dentin grafting for live-cell, patient-sourced bone graft applications
  • Laser surgery for minimally-invasive cutting
  • Zirconia ceramic dental implants
  • PRF applications for recovery support that uses the patient’s own materials

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An Holistic Approach to Oral Surgery for a Better Experience

Our practice integrates leading-edge clinical treatments with proven homeopathic treatments that support a more natural path to healing. This not only provides safer methods of managing pain and inflammation after your surgery, but it means that patients who are not able to take prescription narcotics can still effectively manage any post-op swelling and discomfort.

We accomplish this with a recovery kit comprised of natural medications and topical treatments. It’s a 10-day program that prepares your mouth for surgery and then boosts its healing capabilities after. Supported with other natural methods like red light therapy, many of our patients report not feeling the need for painkillers at all.

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An Oral Surgery Practice with a Patient-Centered Philosophy

While it’s nobody’s goal to need oral surgery, sometimes it’s necessary. When it comes to your dental health, you shouldn’t mess around. Advanced, holistic oral surgery can restore your mouth health, appearance and function now, and protect the integrity of your mouth health for the future. Let us help you ensure your smile stays healthy and happy for a lifetime.

Considering dental implants or another of our services available in Mt Orab? Call our office or use our online form to schedule an appointment.

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