A Spectrum of Oral Surgery Services for Washington Court House

If your dentist has told you you’ll need an oral surgery, they likely had a reference to offer you. But maybe you didn’t get the right vibes in their office, they’re really expensive, or too far away. And we get it – not every oral surgeon is for everyone. But at Wilmington Oral Surgery, we definitely try to be!

An oral surgery practice located conveniently near Washington Court House, we strive to offer patients a better brand of oral and maxillofacial surgery:

Wilmington Oral Surgery: Our Values

When we say we’re fully committed to patient comfort, we mean it in every way. From your first consultation through your complete recovery, you have the full support of our expert oral surgeon and our friendly, compassionate staff. How does this play out in your experience with our practice? Just a few of the ways we support you include:

  • Our oral surgeon stays on top of training and certifications for the latest oral surgery technology and anesthesia techniques.
  • We hold your insurance accountable, ditch the industry-standard billing practices, and offer 0-interest payment plans to make treatment, including dental implants, affordable.
  • We encourage communication, including direct, thorough consultations with our oral surgeon. Have 100 questions? Ask them all!
  • We offer several levels of sedation for oral surgeries, and understand how to take extra care with patients that have specialized needs.
  • Our oral surgeon integrates advanced technology with proven holistic treatments to improve surgical outcomes.

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Washington Court House Services

Patients in Washington Court House have all of our oral and maxillofacial surgical services available to them, some of which include:

  • Dental implant surgery – including same-day dental implants for eligible patients
  • Jaw bone grafting – including augmentation for implants, wisdom tooth root complications, and more
  • Maxillofacial surgery – including correction for pediatric conditions and facial trauma
  • Mouth reconstruction – including full restorations for extensive tooth loss

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Holistic Care: A Better Approach to Oral Surgery

Every field of medicine is finding that there is value in traditional medicines – homeopathic approaches can support and even improve clinical techniques. In addition, natural alternatives to things like prescription painkillers can prove safer for a wider array of people, making a path to oral surgery easier for many of our patients.

A few ways in which we integrate holistic oral surgery with clinical surgical methods include:

Integrative technology

  • Smart Dentin bone grafting recycles extracted teeth to create grafts filled with live cells that support the growth of healthy bone cells.
  • PRF applications for bone grafts utilize the patient’s own biological materials to support graft success.
  • Laser technology for soft tissue work and wisdom tooth removal minimizes tissue trauma during surgery, which makes healing quicker and less uncomfortable.

Homeopathic healing

  • The StellaLife VEGA Oral Surgery Recovery kit is a 10-day course of natural medicines and topical gels that (1) prepare the mouth for surgery, (2) reduce inflammation and discomfort post-surgery, (3) prevent infection, and (4) reduce or eliminate the need for painkillers.
  • Red light therapy post-surgery is a non-invasive, natural method that (1) reduces inflammation, (2) speed cell turnover, and (3) reduces time to full recovery.

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Comfortable Oral Surgery for Washington Court House

Understandably, patients sometimes have apprehensions before an oral surgery. But we do everything we can to make our Washington Court House patients comfortable and calm with friendly service and methods like sedation for oral surgery. Our oral surgeon listens to your needs, answers all of your questions, and uses the most holistic surgical technology to improve surgical outcomes.

Whether you’re facing a full mouth reconstruction after a facial trauma or simply need your wisdom teeth removed, Dr. Puckett helps patients of all ages and health statuses get the beautiful, healthy smile they deserve.

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