Dentin Grafting Services In The Greater Cincinnati Area

Many dental procedures today involve bone grafting. There are a number of choices of grafting materials with which patients may be familiar. These grafting materials work to restore the bone supporting teeth and dental implants.

Bone Grafting Options

The options for bone grafting include:

  • Dentin graft – an autograft with the patient’s tooth as the source
  • Autograft – from the patient’s own bone
  • Allograft – from human bone
  • Xenograft – from a cow’s bone
  • Alloplast – from natural (hydroxyapatite) or synthetic sources

Autografts have been long considered the gold standard for bone grafting; however, this requires a second site to obtain the graft, which may cause additional pain. Dentin grafting can eliminate the need for a second site or the need to use cadaver or cow grafting materials.

Understanding Dentin Grafting and The Benefits

With dentin grafting, about ten minutes is needed to prepare the graft for placement. Once the tooth is removed and the external surface is cleaned, the Smart Dentin Grinder grinds the tooth into small particles. These particles are then cleaned and placed in the graft site. Since the graft is from the patient and contains living cells, the graft can heal faster to regenerate bone.

This advanced technology is utilized to regenerate bone around teeth and implants. If part of a graft is not used on the initial surgery day, it can be treated and stored for later use in the patient.

Dentin Grafting in the Cincinnati Area

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