Are Same Day Dental Implants Really That Fast? Are They Right for You?

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Not too long ago, getting cosmetic dental implants was a long and difficult process. You had to make multiple visits to an oral surgeon – one visit for the extractions, and more for bone grafting or sinus lifting, if necessary. There was extensive healing time required. Then you’d go back in to have the dental […]

Are Dental Implants for Tooth Replacement Considered Cosmetic?

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If you face tooth replacement, your oral surgeon has probably told you about the benefits of dental implants. They function just as naturally as your original teeth. They are a permanent solution to lost teeth. To the naked eye, they look every bit like your original tooth. But are dental implants considered to be just […]

What is the Best Option to Replace Missing Teeth?

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Losing a tooth is never fun — no matter what age you are. Fortunately, there are a number of methods to replace teeth. Your best option to replace teeth depends on your budget and care needs. What you should absolutely not do is just ignore it. Missing teeth that aren’t replaced can lead to jaw […]

How Much Will Dental Implants Cost in 2020? An Affordable Approach

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Need a dental implant? You’re not alone. More than 3 million people in the US have them — and over 500,000 will get them this year, according to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. But how much will dental implants cost in 2020? That can depend on the type of dental implant you need, how […]

What Should You Expect When You Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

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In the US, it seems almost a rite of passage to get your wisdom teeth taken out. We refer to them a lot like the appendix – is it for anything? Not really, but it will mess you up if things go bad. Wisdom teeth can cause you serious problems, especially if they are impacted, […]

5 Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

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Naturally, your teeth are important to you. A smile can’t only be beautiful; it’s got to be functional as well. Teeth can be easily taken for granted — maybe you stay up too late and skip brushing here or there, or maybe you haven’t seen a dentist in 10 years, just because. Ignoring your oral […]

The Beauty of Same Day Dental Implants: Are They Best for You?

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Dental implants done in a single day? That sounds like a wonderful dream, especially for people who are busy. And we’re happy to say that it’s totally possible, depending on the exact nature of the implant. For many of our patients who live far in Columbus, Dayton, or Cincinnati, this is their best option for […]

Thinking About Full Mouth Reconstruction? Read This First!

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Not too happy with your smile? An oral surgeon might be able to help. A full mouth reconstruction could be just the ticket to boost your self esteem with the smile you’ve always dreamed about. It’s like a makeover for your mouth. But the results can affect your whole outlook on life. Boost self confidence, […]

Diabetic? How to Determine if Dental Implants are Safe for You

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Are you one of the 26 million Americans who suffer from diabetes? You may be wondering if dental implants are right for you. Are dental implants the best choice for diabetics? The answer is clearly yes — if your diabetes is well under control. In fact, dental implants may be the best choice for controlled […]