dental implants

If you’re considering dental implant surgery, you’re probably wondering if dental implants are cosmetic. After all, it makes a big difference as to whether or not your insurance company will cover them. After all, teeth are necessary — unless you plan on eating soup for the rest of your life. And dental implants are the best option for teeth replacement hands down — they look and function exactly like your natural teeth. And best of all, they are a permanent solution to tooth replacement.

Most Insurance Companies Consider Dental Implants to Be Cosmetic

Sadly, most insurance companies consider dental implants to be a cosmetic dentistry procedure. This may be surprising. After all, dental implants aren’t like teeth whitening. They are a piece of dental work that performs an essential function in your mouth. And they’re the best way to restore teeth and gums lost to tooth decay or gum disease.

But most insurance companies consider dental implants to be an elective procedure. There are other cheaper options for tooth replacement — dental bridges, dentures, flippers. Insurance companies run a numbers game. Most don’t want to pay for dental implants because they are expensive.

It’s always worth checking with your insurance company to see if they cover dental implants. Some do, at least partially. It all depends on how good your insurance is.

The Cosmetic Benefits of Dental Implants

Yes, dental implants are functional, no matter what your insurance company says. But they also have a number of cosmetic benefits as well. They make your smile more attractive because they are perfect teeth. They look natural. Dental implants are made of porcelain, so they mimic the shape, size, and color of a natural tooth. Porcelain dental implants are durable, long-lasting, and stain-resistant.

The beauty of dental implants is they also feel natural. You won’t be able to tell the difference from your original teeth — and neither will other people. They look more natural than other options for teeth replacement such as dentures.

Why Dental Implants Are Worth It

If you want a replacement for missing teeth you don’t have to think about, dental implants are your ticket. You don’t have to remove them at night. They never fall out during meals. You simply brush them as you would your natural teeth. Yes, they are expensive, especially if you require a dental bone graft to accommodate them, but they are well worth it.

How We Help Make Dental Implants More Affordable

We understand that dental implants are costly — especially if your insurance company considers them cosmetic and doesn’t cover the cost. But Dr. Puckett takes a unique approach to dental implant surgery that makes it more affordable. We like to think outside the box. In fact, we can save you $300 to $800 per dental implant.

First, we only charge for the amount of anesthesia time needed for the procedure. Most oral surgeons bill for the total amount allowed by the insurance company, even though you usually need a good deal less. With Dr. Puckett, you only pay for the amount of anesthesia time that is actually necessary (down to the exact minute) — never more.

We also take a unique approach to fees. Most oral surgeons go by a ‘Fee Schedule’ book — an industry standard measurement of the cost value of services. We prefer to base his fees on a fair and reasonable understanding of our costs and value of the service provided. We gauge it according to the resources it costs our office — never more. This saves you a good deal of money.

We also don’t let the insurance companies push us around. We advocate for you, the patient. We don’t let the insurance company dictate what your needs are. We also hold insurance companies accountable so they pay their fair share.

Don’t Think You Can Afford Dental Implants? We Can Help!

We understand dental implants are expensive. That’s why we’re willing to work with you. We can set you up on a payment plan that works with your budget through CareCredit — an interest free line of credit designed for medical expenses like dental costs and implants. Get the care you need, regardless of whether or not your insurance company considers dental implants to be cosmetic. You deserve to be happy and healthy.