Wisdom Teeth Roots Explained: Anatomy, Risks, Complications

We’ve all heard our dentist or oral surgeon sigh as they look at one of our dental x-rays and tell us it’s time to get our wisdom teeth removed. Well, most of us have, anyway. It was probably in high school or college, and once they spotted them on the x-ray, they likely told you […]

What are Impacted Wisdom Teeth? Signs & Symptoms

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An impacted wisdom tooth is one that fails to erupt. A wisdom tooth can be partially or fully impacted, and because they fail to fully come in, they pose more risks than normal third molars. While impacted wisdom tooth surgery can be daunting, it’s arguably even more important than surgery to remove non-impacted molars. So […]

Will Wisdom Teeth Extraction Change My Face Shape?

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You may have heard that having your wisdom teeth out can change the shape of your face or jawline. It’s a bit of an old wives’ tale, really. When we take your wisdom teeth out, they’re already mostly under the gum line anyway. And no soft tissues like muscles or fat are removed with the […]

Where Do I Get My Wisdom Teeth Pulled?

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So your dentist says you should get your wisdom teeth pulled. Who you gonna call? Most people go to an oral surgeon for wisdom tooth extraction, not a dentist. Wisdom teeth removal doctors like Dr. Puckett are specially trained to perform this type of procedure, and by law, have extra training to administer the various […]

How Our Patients Save Money On Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedures

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Throughout the centuries, wisdom teeth have not changed. What has changed, however, is how dental professionals approach the cost of wisdom teeth removal. At Wilmington Oral Surgery, we aim to provide excellent surgical services at fair and honest prices. Compared to other offices, Wilmington Oral Surgery’s cost for removing wisdom teeth will save patients $600 […]

Preventing Opioid Addiction with Alternative Pain Solutions

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We’re living through a devastating health crisis in America: opioid addiction. In 2017, 75,000 Americans died from overdose – that’s more Americans than were killed during the entire Vietnam War. The US Department of Health and Human Services declared the opioid academic a public health emergency. But that hasn’t stopped its momentum; by 2020, that […]

Reasons Why Someone Would Need a Tooth Extraction

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Most of permanent teeth are good for life, but sometimes a tooth needs to be pulled. There are actually quite a few reasons an adult might need a tooth or two removed: Tooth decay may lead to a cavity large enough that the tooth cannot be saved. If facial trauma that involves a major break […]

“I Never Had My Wisdom Teeth Out. Should I?”

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Do you still have wisdom teeth? Not everyone is born with them, but most who are have them surgically removed as teens or young adults. Many dentists believe it’s better to remove wisdom teeth at a young age, before the roots and bone are fully formed, because they are more easily removed at this stage, […]

Dry Socket Is No Fun; It Used To Be Common. Let’s Prevent It.

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Dry socket (it is a singular noun, even if it applies to the places where multiple teeth were extracted) is a condition that can happen after wisdom teeth removal. Here are a few ways to avoid it. Don’t smoke Don’t smoke anything. No vaping, and certainly no cigarettes. Tobacco use is a leading cause of […]

What Does It Mean That My Wisdom Teeth Are Impacted?

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Impacted wisdom teeth are very common. Of the 32 adult teeth that erupt, the wisdom teeth (also known as the third molars) are the final four to arrive. In many cases, the 28 teeth already in place fill most of the mouth, and therefore create a difficult situation. The wisdom teeth may twist, tilt, or […]

Wisdom Teeth Patient Wins Free Super Bowl Tickets

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A young Philadelphia woman, Haley Parks, happened to be caught on video after her wisdom teeth removal procedure. And Parks, 21, happened to talk about her undying love for the Philadelphia Eagles. And the video happened to go viral. What happened next, much to Haley Parks’ thrill and delight, was a surprise. The Eagles’ management […]