Dry Socket Is No Fun; It Used To Be Common. Let’s Prevent It.

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Dry socket (it is a singular noun, even if it applies to the places where multiple teeth were extracted) is a condition that can happen after wisdom teeth removal. Here are a few ways to avoid it.

  1. Don’t smoke

Don’t smoke anything. No vaping, and certainly no cigarettes. Tobacco use is a leading cause of dry socket. The act of smoking disturbs the clot formation, which is the primary source of healing.

  1. Use of natural pro-healing products

We have used natural products for over ten years to essentially eliminate the risk of a dry socket. Sock-it gel has been the mainstay for over ten years. The VEGA recovery kit is a recently developed natural product which minimizes dry socket issues, and also promotes healing.

  1. Treat the sites gently

Avoiding vigorous rinsing and brushing of the extraction sites will allow the blood clots to initially form. Additionally, avoiding crunchy or hard foods for the first few days will allow the sites to heal without complications.

  1. Platelet Rich Fibrin

Platelet rich fibrin (PRF) is recently developed technology which uses the patients’ own blood to produce a gel-like material which can be placed into to extraction site. Recent studies have proposed that this procedure can also reduce dry socket risk and promote healing.

Resting and using proper hygiene after your extraction surgery should make your healing and recovery process go smoothly. Your usual, common-sense practices for hygiene should help you with your goal of preventing dry socket.

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