What are Impacted Wisdom Teeth? Signs and Symptoms

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An impacted wisdom tooth is one that fails to erupt because it doesn’t have room. If you’re wondering why this is such a common problem, it’s because over the course of human history, our lower jaws have shrunk significantly. Things like overbites and problems with wisdom teeth never used to exist. Some wisdom teeth erupt […]

9 Signs It’s Time to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth

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Wisdom teeth can be a problem. By your late teens to early 20s, most of your other permanent teeth are well established and positioned in your mouth. There just isn’t a lot of room left over for wisdom teeth by the time they develop. Scientists suspect that wisdom teeth are an evolutionary link to a […]

Why Wisdom Teeth Removal is Sometimes Necessary — What to Expect

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Wisdom teeth usually develop sometime in your late teens to early-20s. If you are one of the lucky few, your wisdom teeth might not come in at all. But if you aren’t, chances are your dentist will recommend having your wisdom teeth removed by a wisdom teeth removal doctor. Wisdom tooth removal is a highly […]

Does Insurance Cover Wisdom Teeth Removal?


As a licensed oral surgeon, Dr. Puckett gets asked many questions about wisdom teeth removal: Does it hurt? How much does wisdom teeth removal cost? Can wisdom teeth be removed during a single visit? But the number one question we get asked is this: Does insurance cover wisdom teeth removal? The short answer is this […]

No, you’re Not Too Old for Wisdom Teeth Removal — Here’s Why

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It’s true most people have their wisdom teeth removed in their early to mid-20s — it’s just easier that way. But what if you still have your wisdom teeth? Is it too late to have them extracted? Absolutely not! The truth is you’re never too old to have your wisdom teeth removed. While we recommend […]

Will Wisdom Teeth Extraction Change My Face Shape?

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You may have heard that having your wisdom teeth out can change the shape of your face or jawline. It’s a bit of an old wives’ tale, really. When we take your wisdom teeth out, they’re already mostly under the gum line anyway. And no soft tissues like muscles or fat are removed with the […]

Where Do I Get My Wisdom Teeth Pulled?

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So your dentist says you should get your wisdom teeth pulled. Who you gonna call? Most people go to an oral surgeon for wisdom tooth extraction, not a dentist. Wisdom teeth removal doctors like Dr. Puckett are specially trained to perform this type of procedure, and by law, have extra training to administer the various […]

How Our Patients Save Money On Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedures

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Throughout the centuries, wisdom teeth have not changed. What has changed, however, is how dental professionals approach the cost of wisdom teeth removal. At Wilmington Oral Surgery, we aim to provide excellent surgical services at fair and honest prices. Compared to other offices, Wilmington Oral Surgery’s cost for removing wisdom teeth will save patients $600 […]

Preventing Opioid Addiction with Alternative Pain Solutions

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We’re living through a devastating health crisis in America: opioid addiction. In 2017, 75,000 Americans died from overdose, more Americans than were killed during the entire Vietnam War — in a single year. By 2020, that number rose to over 93,000. As an oral surgeon trained in sedation dentistry, Dr. Puckett is deeply concerned with […]