How Same Day Dental Implants Save Time & Stress

dental implants

Same day dental implants — how is that possible? That’s usually the reaction we get when we mention the option for same day dental implants. It seems too good to be true, but in this case it’s for real. Dental implant technology has come a long way. Thanks to advances in oral surgery and medical […]

Are Same Day Dental Implants Really That Fast? Are They Right for You?

dental implants

Not too long ago, getting cosmetic dental implants was a long and difficult process. You had to make multiple visits to an oral surgeon – one visit for the extractions, and more for bone grafting or sinus lifting, if necessary. There was extensive healing time required. Then you’d go back in to have the dental […]

The Beauty of Same Day Dental Implants: Are They Best for You?

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Dental implants done in a single day? That sounds like a wonderful dream, especially for people who are busy. And we’re happy to say that it’s totally possible, depending on the exact nature of the implant. For many of our patients who live far in Columbus, Dayton, or Cincinnati, this is their best option for […]