Bone Grafting Not As Scary As You Think

When we talk about dental implants, we may mention the subject of bone grafting. Having a bone graft is a routine, typical part of this procedure. Though the name may sound a bit daunting, bone grafting causes no pain at all.

Bone Grafting Very Common, Especially With Dental Implants

If you have lost any teeth, your jaw has atrophied somewhat. This is perfectly natural, and happens to everyone after tooth loss. If a tooth is not there, then the jaw has no need to extend upward to where the natural socket had been. It retreats to what we refer to as basal bone, which is a narrower hoop.

Today, we use bone grafts to prevent that decline in jaw size and strength. This placeholder material prevents the tissues surrounding it to collapse. Then your own body recognizes the natural bone material, and replaces the graft with your own natural bone material.

Essentially, it is a temporary measure. The graft shows your body that there should continue to be natural bone built there, and your body fills it in with your own native calcium to rebuild your jaw and prevent atrophy.

Three main approaches are the most common in bone grafting:

– The “Sinus Lift” or Subantral Graft.
– The “Block Bone Graft” on Autogenous Ramus / Chin Graft.
– The “Socket Graft” or Alveolar Ridge Preservation Graft.

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