Wisdom Teeth Roots Explained: Anatomy, Risks, Complications

We’ve all heard our dentist or oral surgeon sigh as they look at one of our dental x-rays and tell us it’s time to get our wisdom teeth removed. Well, most of us have, anyway. It was probably in high school or college, and once they spotted them on the x-ray, they likely told you […]

Can I Still Have my Wisdom Teeth Removed as an Adult?

woman getting ready for dental work

Yes. You’re never too old to get your wisdom teeth removed. Admittedly, getting it done in your late teens to early 20’s is ideal, but it doesn’t mean that as a 50 or 60 year-old, you’re out of luck if you need your wisdom teeth extracted. There are definitely some differences to the procedure, healing […]

What Do We Mean When We Say a Tooth is Impacted?

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If the oral surgeon who’s going to extract your wisdom teeth tells you one or more of them are “impacted,” that means they haven’t been able to come in normally. They might not be able to erupt, they might come in at a crazy angle, or they might get stuck in the jawbone. Whatever the […]