All About Misaligned Jaws: Getting Rid of Your Orofacial Pain

jaw xray for jaw surgery

A misaligned jaw, also referred to as a crooked or uneven jaw, is when your upper jaw doesn’t line up correctly with your lower jaw. Because the jaw relies on a system of soft and hard tissues to work together, an imbalance in any bone, muscle or joint can cause the jaw to come out […]

Common Causes of Jaw Pain

jaw pain

Jaw pain is no fun. It can make essential activities, like eating and speaking, difficult. There are many things that can cause your jaw to hurt, from benign things like clenching your teeth because you’re stressed, to more serious things like osteoporosis or oral cancers. Luckily, the vast majority of cases of jaw pain have […]

What is TMJ?

jaw xray for jaw surgery

The temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, can fracture, swell and/or become sore, limiting movement of the lower jaw and causing pain in the head, ear, jaw or neck. If you have trouble opening and closing your mouth, ear or facial pain, pain while chewing, clicking or popping when you chew, toothaches or headaches, the TMJ might […]

What Jaw Surgery Can Achieve

jaw xray for jaw surgery

When your jaws do not line up properly, you may not like the way you look. It can be hard to smile, eat, swallow, or even rest your mouth comfortably. Even more concerning, misaligned jaws can cause health problems such as chronic joint pain (TMJ), headaches, sleep apnea, excessive tooth wear, and dry mouth. Orthodontics […]

Understanding 3D Cone-Beam CT Scans

3D Cone Beam CT Scan

At Wilmington Oral Surgery, we have used 3D cone-beam computer tomography (CT) since the early 2000s. This technology is extremely useful in certain dental evaluations, diagnoses, and treatment planning, because it gives us 3D images of patients’ teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways and bones–all in a one scan. When it is Used We use Cone-Beam […]