Best Foods to Eat After an Oral Surgery Procedure

jello after oral surgery

What Can You Eat After Oral Surgery? After you’ve had surgery on your mouth, only some foods feel okay to eat. You need to eat what feels comfortable, and you need to ensure you do not complicate your healing process. You also need to avoid sipping through a straw, too, as the air pressure from […]

5 Foods That Are Bad For Your Teeth

citrus can be bad for teeth

Previously we wrote about foods that promote good oral health, and that can help your teeth and gums in many ways. This time, we look at the dark side. These are foods that you should limit, in the interest of avoiding plaque. Plaque can cause your teeth to decay and lead to gum disease; it […]

8 Foods That Help Your Teeth & Gums

healthy food for oral hygiene

We eat for our digestive system, for our mental sharpness, for our heart and circulatory health… we should eat for our oral health as well. Here are eight foods that promote healthy teeth, strong gums, and great oral hygiene. As an oral surgery office, we like like to provide tips to promote a healthy mouth. […]