8 Foods That Help Your Teeth & Gums

healthy food for oral hygiene

We eat for our digestive system, for our mental sharpness, for our heart and circulatory health… we should eat for our oral health as well. Here are eight foods that promote healthy teeth, strong gums, and great oral hygiene. As an oral surgery office, we like like to provide tips to promote a healthy mouth.

Great Foods For Oral Health


Water is the best. It washes away food particles that create plaque, and it ensures that you have enough saliva. Saliva is very healthy for you, and it is crucial for fending off tooth decay. Keep the hydration happening, and you’ll have sufficient saliva.


Milk reduces the level of acid in your mouth, which prevents tooth decay. It’s also rich in calcium, which promotes bone health – not just in your jaws and skull but throughout your body. It is excellent for your teeth, though.


Leafy greens like kale (and broccoli and spinach) have folic acid, as well as loads of minerals and vitamins that are marvelous for oral health.


Vitamin D is the big benefit of wild salmon. It is in tuna as well, and other fatty fishes. Vitamin D helps your mouth health in a variety of ways.


Harder, aged cheeses help you the most. They are rich in calcium, like milk, and they increase the production of saliva.


Ginger helps keep your breath all frosty and fresh, and it reduces the growth of bacteria in your mouth. Added bonus!


Many fruits increase the level of acid in your mouth, but not pears – pears neutralize those acids. Acids can wear away at your tooth enamel, so it is best to keep them at bay.


Some people are surprised to see this, but gum can help you! Chewing it increases your production of saliva, and that helps wash away those little bits of chewed food.