Impacted Eye Teeth: What are They and How does Oral Surgery Fix it?

dental professional with xray of mouth on tablet

When you hear about impacted teeth, your first thought is likely a complex wisdom tooth extraction that includes shaving into the jaw and/or dental bone grafting to complete. The word “impacted” never gives you a good feeling. But other teeth can become impacted, too, and one of the most common teeth that fail to erupt […]

Ignore Impacted Teeth at Your Peril

When a wisdom tooth doesn’t fully erupt through the gums, it is called an “impacted” tooth. An impacted tooth is usually unable to fully enter because there isn’t enough room in your mouth. It can cause a range of problems, some serious, including: Difficulty brushing, which can lead to tooth decay and infection. Partially impacted […]

Understanding 3D Cone-Beam CT Scans

3D Cone Beam CT Scan

At Wilmington Oral Surgery, we have used 3D cone-beam computer tomography (CT) since the early 2000s. This technology is extremely useful in certain dental evaluations, diagnoses, and treatment planning, because it gives us 3D images of patients’ teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways and bones–all in a one scan. When it is Used We use Cone-Beam […]