Dental Implants: Look, Function, or Both?

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As far as options for replacing missing teeth go, the most holistic method of tooth replacement is dental implant surgery. Yes, it’s invasive; yes, it requires patience and healing time; yes, it may require preliminary dental bone grafting. But it’s worth it. Dental implants are the only permanent solution to tooth replacement that look and […]

Why Does My Insurance Company Consider Dental Implants to Be Cosmetic?

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If you’re considering dental implant surgery, you’re probably wondering if dental implants are considered cosmetic or essential. After all, it makes a big difference as to whether or not your insurance company will cover them. Dental implants are a grey area in the dental insurance industry; teeth are necessary for proper and comfortable chewing. But […]

Are Ceramic Dental Implants (Zirconium Dental Implants) Worth the Extra Money?

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What are the advantages of ceramic dental implants (also known as zirconium dental implants)? Are they worth the extra money? And more importantly, are they right for you? Whether you’re getting zirconium dental implants or traditional dental implants, it’s important to understand they aren’t cheap. They are by far your best option for tooth replacement […]

Are Same Day Dental Implants Really That Fast? Are They Right for You?

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Not too long ago, getting cosmetic dental implants was a long and difficult process. You had to make multiple visits to an oral surgeon – one visit for the extractions, and more for bone grafting or sinus lifting, if necessary. There was extensive healing time required. Then you’d go back in to have the dental […]