Sedation Dentistry: What kind of Anesthesia is used for Oral Surgery?

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The idea of receiving anesthesia can be intimidating, especially if you’ve had a bad experience before or have a high risk condition. What’s important to keep in mind is that Dr. Puckett is a trained and experienced oral surgeon who is licensed to administer all types of sedation dentistry. You have a range of options […]

What Are My Options for Anesthesia?

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At Wilmington Oral Surgery, you have anesthesia options for your oral surgery procedures. Dr. Puckett will discuss them with you before your procedure. Your decision will depend on your anxiety level and the complexity of your procedure. We offer four forms of anesthesia: Local, where a numbing agent is injected into the treatment area. It […]

How Our Patients Save Money On Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedures

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Throughout the centuries, wisdom teeth have not changed. What has changed, however, is how dental professionals approach the cost of wisdom teeth removal. At Wilmington Oral Surgery, we aim to provide excellent surgical services at fair and honest prices. Compared to other offices, Wilmington Oral Surgery’s cost for removing wisdom teeth will save patients $600 […]

How Safe is Oral Surgery If I have To “Go Under”?

The prospect of oral surgery with anesthesia can cause anxiety. In order to alleviate the concerns of our patients and their families, Dr. Puckett will always discuss the anesthesia options for your procedure and personally review the anesthesia process. Before we administer general anesthesia, we conduct a pre-anesthesia assessment. You complete a health history form, […]