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Full arch reconstruction has evolved significantly during my time as an oral surgeon. Implant types, healing time, bone grafting and regeneration procedures are continually improving. With all of this innovation and change, Wilmington Oral Surgery’s philosophy has not changed: Wilmington Oral Surgery provides excellent surgical services at a fair and honest price. Our patients save thousands of dollars compared to quotes we have seen from other oral surgery offices in the Cincinnati and Dayton regions.

“How can this be?” you may wonder.

Fair and Honest Dental Implant Pricing To Save Money

A few important factors result in this savings:

  1. Wilmington Oral Surgery has a single price when dealing with all of the teeth in either the upper or lower arch. This approach allows us to address and plan the surgery, meeting the needs of our patients without having fees for each procedure code used. A patient recently came in with a $52,000 plan for both upper and lower arches from a well-known dental implant center. The cost at our office would be over $10,000 less for the same procedure. Additionally, our technology is on par or better than at other offices.
  2. At Wilmington Oral Surgery, we base the fees on a fair and reasonable understanding of our costs and value of the service provided. We do not base our fees on the recommended amounts listed in the ‘Fee Schedule’ book which most oral surgery and dental offices use.
  3. At Wilmington Oral Surgery, we do not allow the dental insurance industry to dictate what the patient ‘needs’.  Frequently, insurance companies will not cover commonly used extraction codes, and they also will ‘review’ anesthesia coverage. We all know what that means…

Oral Surgery With Less Anxiety, And Less Cost

Rarely do patients look forward to seeing an oral surgeon. Therefore, at Wilmington Oral Surgery we make every effort to minimize the anxiety related to both the surgery and the pocketbook.

-Dr. Scott Puckett

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