What Should I Do If I Have A Tooth Knocked Out?

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If you’ve ever had a tooth knocked out, you know how scary and frustrating it can be. In this post, we’ll teach you what to do if you have a tooth knocked out so that you can minimize the damage and get your smile back on track as soon as possible. Keep reading for tips on how to handle a tooth emergency!

1. Find the Tooth

If it is a baby tooth that has been knocked out, there is no need to try and save the tooth. However, if an adult tooth has been displaced, locate the tooth as quickly as you can. When picking the tooth up, make sure you are only touching the crown (chewing surface) and not the root.

2. Rinse the tooth off with water if it’s dirty

If the tooth is dirty, you can rinse it off with water. Make sure you are not using any chemicals or soap when cleaning the tooth, and avoid wrapping it up or drying it off.

3. Place tooth back into the socket

If possible, place the tooth back into the socket it came out of. When placed back into the socket, gentry bite down to keep it stable.

4. Keep the Tooth Moist

If you are not able to put the tooth back into its socket, it still needs to stay moist at all times. Do not use tap water for this as root surface cells cannot be in it for a long period of time. You can use either a cup of milk or saliva to preserve it.

5. Get to Your Dentist as Soon as Possible

It is best to see a dentist for an emergency appointment within 30 minutes of your tooth being knocked out. It is still possible to save the tooth if it has been outside of the mouth for an hour, however, the chances decrease the longer the time period is.

If your tooth gets knocked out, don’t panic! If you follow the steps above, there is a high chance that you will be able to save it and have it placed back in. Completing the tips, as well as seeing a dentist or endodontist as soon as possible will increase your chances of getting to keep your tooth.

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