Are your teeth worth $4 a day?

Smoking And Oral Cancer

Most of us are aware of the correlation of smoking and oral cancer. However, a large majority of patients are not aware of the increased risk of bone loss associated with smoking. Many years of research has demonstrated a direct correlation between smoking and periodontal disease. Unfortunately, this bone loss does not occur quickly. In most cases the bone loss slowly increases after a number of years. Additionally, pain is not present in most cases until advanced disease is present.

Once the bone is lost, it is difficult, if not impossible in some cases to regenerate the bone, which supports the teeth. Also once the bone is lost it becomes more difficult to clean these areas, and also more difficult for your dentist’s office to effectively clean areas with bone loss. This sets in place the potential for a situation to accelerate the loss of this supporting bone. One of the most common areas where this bone loss occurs is at the wisdom teeth.

Smoking also diminishes the senses of taste and smell.

For a one pack per day habit, the total yearly cost is approximately $1400 considering $4 per pack. This amount of annual savings will allow for other dental needs to be addressed.

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