Sedation Dentistry: What kind of Anesthesia is Used for Oral Surgery?

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We understand. The idea of receiving anesthesia can be intimidating. What’s important to keep in mind is that Dr. Puckett is a trained and experienced oral surgeon who is licensed to administer all types of sedation dentistry. You will have a range of options available to you. We’re happy to discuss them in detail. We […]

What Should You Expect When You Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

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Wisdom teeth can cause you serious problems, especially if they are impacted. If your dentist or oral surgeon recommends you have your wisdom teeth removed, you’d do well to heed their advice. But what should you expect when you get your wisdom teeth out? Good question! Read on. Why Should You Have Your Wisdom Teeth […]

Our Care & Approach to Alzheimer’s Patients Requiring Oral Surgery

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Alzheimer’s disease or dementia can be hard on the soul — especially for caregivers. Your loved one is forgetting the very things — perhaps even family members — that made them who they are. But you know the one you love is still in there, as unforgettable as ever, even as they become more child-like […]

Sedation Dentistry Explained: Is It Right for You?

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As maxillofacial surgeons, we get asked many questions about sedation for oral surgery. There are a number of options available. While sedation dentistry is commonly referred to as sleep dentistry, most types of sedation dentistry don’t actually put you to sleep. Sedation for oral surgery can be beneficial if you have high anxiety or are […]