What Do We Mean When We Say a Tooth is Impacted?

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If the oral surgeon who’s going to extract your wisdom teeth tells you one or more of them are “impacted,” that means they haven’t been able to come in normally. They might not be able to erupt, they might come in at a crazy angle, or they might get stuck in the jawbone. Whatever the […]

What are Impacted Wisdom Teeth? Signs & Symptoms

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An impacted wisdom tooth is one that fails to erupt. A wisdom tooth can be partially or fully impacted, and because they fail to fully come in, they pose more risks than normal third molars. While impacted wisdom tooth surgery can be daunting, it’s arguably even more important than surgery to remove non-impacted molars. So […]

Ignore Impacted Teeth at Your Peril

When a wisdom tooth doesn’t fully erupt through the gums, it is called an “impacted” tooth. An impacted tooth is usually unable to fully enter because there isn’t enough room in your mouth. It can cause a range of problems, some serious, including: Difficulty brushing, which can lead to tooth decay and infection. Partially impacted […]

What Does It Mean That My Wisdom Teeth Are Impacted?

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Impacted wisdom teeth are very common. Of the 32 adult teeth that erupt, the wisdom teeth (also known as the third molars) are the final four to arrive. In many cases, the 28 teeth already in place fill most of the mouth, and therefore create a difficult situation. The wisdom teeth may twist, tilt, or […]