Looking at the Options for Tooth Replacement: Which one’s Best?

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It’s hard to objectively answer which way of replacing lost teeth is “best,” because everyone’s mouth is different. We can discuss what’s ideal in cases of lost teeth, but a patient’s needs, health or dental coverage means each case can be different. There are four main methods for replacing teeth: dentures, bridges, implant bridges, and […]

I’m Missing a Tooth. What Options do I have for Tooth Replacement?

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If you’re missing one or more teeth, don’t fret. First of all, apparently the average middle-aged American is missing seven teeth, so you’re not alone. And nowadays, there are several options to replace those teeth, including holistic tooth replacement that restores not only the look but the biological functions of your teeth and jaw. Before […]

What Exactly is a Dental Bone Graft?

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What Exactly is a Dental Bone Graft? Pretty much anytime we hear the words “bone graft,” unpleasant, painful procedures come to mind, even though many of us don’t know exactly how a bone graft works in the first place. And add “dental” to that term – sounds daunting, right? As a dental implant dentist who […]