Post-surgical Healing With Natural Medications

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At times, some of the procedures we perform at Wilmington Oral Surgery can cause postoperative pain and swelling. At our office, the standard benefits to our patients include: IV medications to minimize inflammation, use of platelet rich fibrin (PRF) with the surgical procedures, custom made head wraps with frozen gel packs, and natural gel products at the surgical sites. These methods allow our patients to minimize both the amount of and duration of postoperative pain medication and, thusly, return more quickly to normal daily activities.

Natural Medications For Healing After Oral Surgery

We are pleased to now be adding natural medications to our selection of pain and inflammation control. At the consultation appointment we will discuss the role of using natural methods to speed your recovery. The recommended course will be:

Bromelain & Quercetin – one pill three times daily for three days pre-op and seven days post-op

Astaxanthin – one pill daily for three days pre-op and for seven days post-op

Arnica montana – two tablets to dissolve under tongue the night before surgery and two tablets to dissolve under tongue three times daily for three days post-op

Wilmington Oral Surgery will have the medications available in the office to provide for our patients. Based on the medications you routinely take, we may modify or eliminate part of this protocol.