How Can You Heal the Quickest After Oral Surgery?

prep for tooth extraction

After getting surgery for dental implants, the recovery is generally straightforward. Here are some tips for healing the fastest and easiest.

  1. Stay hydrated

Drink a lot of fluids. You can eat soft food the day of the surgery, and you can return to your regular eating regimen quickly. But definitely take in a lot of fluids after you get home.

  1. Rest and relax

Right after the surgery, you want to avoid a lot of physical activity. Don’t go to the gym, or go running – exercising so soon afterward may cause your gums to bleed, or may cause them to throb. Take a load off, get cozy on the couch, and rest.

  1. Manage your pain meds

As soon as you feel the local anesthetic wearing off, start taking the pain medications. Most of the time over-the-counter medications (ibuprofen or Tylenol) will alleviate the pain. You can take up to 800mg of ibuprofen (4-200mg tablets) every 6-8 hours if needed. Follow your doctor’s instructions if there are other medications prescribed, and be sure to let your doctor know about any allergies you may have.

  1. Use ice for swelling

After the surgery for dental implants, you may have some swelling. For the first two days after the surgery, apply an ice pack on the cheek to keep the swelling down. Bags frozen peas or corn also work well as an ice pack, and can be placed in a ziplock bag and then refrozen.

You may see blood in your saliva for the first 24 hours after the surgery. This is no cause for concern, but if you are bleeding a lot, you can bite on gauze or a moist tea bag. You can put that gauze or tea bag right over the spot where you are bleeding and bite firmly to place pressure on the site.

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