Understanding Dental Implants and Dental Implant Surgery

More and more, people are opting for dental implants when they need tooth replacement. Where people used to go through rounds of crowns, bridges, and dentures, now people are choosing dental implant surgery instead. Dental implants are definitely the best method of tooth replacement, because they’re not just cosmetic. Dental implant surgery provides a comprehensive and holistic way to replace missing teeth, which restores the appearance of your smile but also preserves the health of your jaw, gums and other teeth. So, what are these dental implants, and what do they require?

What Are Dental Implants?

The “dental implant” refer to the replacement tooth root. These are artificial roots that are installed in your jaw at the area of the missing tooth. It is, essentially, a screw which we permanently attach. These screws then make a sturdy and lasting base for replacement teeth. Your jaw will actually fuse to this new root, stabilizing the implant, the bone and the surrounding teeth. Since dental implants feel like natural teeth and fit just how natural teeth would, they are often preferable to dentures. For anyone with chronic dental problems or missing teeth, these implants provide an anchor. This new anchor does not slip as dentures might, and it does not create any issues or discomfort with eating. Dental implants last decades, and look and function just like natural teeth. This method of holistic tooth replacement simply cannot be matched by bridges or dentures, because it’s the only method that actually replaces the root, halting jaw deterioration and shifting. The only drawback to dental implant surgery is the cost. They’re expensive, and some insurance companies don’t understand that they’re not a cosmetic procedure.

Dental Implant Options

There is a range of options for getting dental implants. Your oral surgeon will explain your best options given (1) the current health of your jaw, (2) the number and placement of missing teeth, and (3) your budget. You can replace a single tooth, or a whole set of upper or lower teeth. If your whole arch needs help, having four implants may be your best option. In that case, we give you four implants that anchor a new arch of teeth, called a dental implant bridge.

A dental implant is comprised of three parts, reflected by the three steps of dental implant surgery:


This is the part of the tooth that is visible. This prosthetic tooth is usually porcelain or zirconium, and it is durable and sturdy. This is the last part of the dental implant to be installed. It’s the cosmetic piece of the dental implant, and is screwed in to the abutment.


This connector holds the new tooth or set of teeth. It sits at the gum line and serves as the middleman between the implant root and the implant crown. This is the second step to the dental implant process.


This is the screw we attach to your jaw. As time goes on, the bone cells in your jaw fuse to the implant root. This naturally strengthens the entirety of the dental implant, and makes it a rock-solid addition to your jaw – a remarkable fusion of medical-grade titanium and your own natural bone growth. Installing the implant root is the first and most invasive step of dental implant surgery. Sometimes, patients may need a dental bone grafting prior to this step to reinforce the jaw at the implant site. Depending on the patient, the oral surgeon may leave healing time between installing the implant root and attaching the abutment and the crown. This gives the jawbone time to stabilize the implant. But, we do offer same day dental implants to healthy patients who are eligible!

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