Everything You Need to Know about Dental Bone Grafting

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Dental bone grafting is a process where an oral or maxillofacial surgeon adds scaffolding to an area of the jaw that is deteriorated to encourage natural bone to grow back in that area. Dental bone grafts can be made of natural or synthetic materials, and might be paired with other treatments that help speed healing, […]

6 Amazing Benefits of Dental Implants

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Widely regarded as the gold standard of tooth replacement, dental implants are the most holistic, comprehensive method available. Tens of millions of people in the US have at least one missing tooth, most often due to decay and gum disease. Dental implants are essentially a replacement for a lost tooth’s root. This sets them apart […]

All About Misaligned Jaws: Getting Rid of Your Orofacial Pain

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A misaligned jaw, also referred to as a crooked or uneven jaw, is when your upper jaw doesn’t line up correctly with your lower jaw. Because the jaw relies on a system of soft and hard tissues to work together, an imbalance in any bone, muscle or joint can cause the jaw to come out […]

George Washington, Fake Teeth, & the American Revolution

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Of all the important things George Washington is known for, like being the first President and his starring role during the founding of US democracy, we often focus on his teeth…or lack thereof. We have this weird obsession with understanding what George Washington’s dentures were made of and what they would have looked like. Is […]

Why Do Dentures Stop Fitting?

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Dentures have come a long way in the last couple of decades. It used to be that you could immediately tell if someone was wearing dentures, and it used to be that people who wore dentures dealt with constant readjusting, clacking and falling out. Not anymore! Dentures now look so real and fit so well […]

Oral Surgery for Seniors: Features & Challenges

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The human body is an amazing thing, and despite all the cricks and creaks of older joints, our elderly friends and family will tell you what an experience it is to watch the world and their place in it change over the years. And just as it’s important to value our seniors, and for them […]

Wisdom Teeth Roots Explained

We’ve all heard our dentist or oral surgeon sigh as they look at one of our dental x-rays and tell us it’s time to get our wisdom teeth removed. Well, most of us have, anyway. It was probably in high school or college, and once they spotted them on the x-ray, they likely told you […]

Jaw Disorders & Types of Corrective Surgeries

Having a healthy jaw and mouth isn’t just about teeth and gums. Your jaws play an integral part in almost everything you do, every day, all day. So what happens when an issue with your jaw – whether it’s a severe overbite or a fracture from an accident – is damaged or malformed to the […]

Signs You Might Need Dental Implants

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Tooth loss, whether from facial trauma, age, illness, or other medical-related cause, is unpleasant for all of us. And when you have a damaged or diseased smile, it makes you… well, not want to smile. There are a number of methods oral and maxillofacial surgeons use to reconstruct and replace teeth. Currently, the gold standard […]

Is Dental Implant Surgery an Option for Kids with Facial Trauma?

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For adults, surgical intervention for replacing teeth with dental implants is completely safe and highly effective at restoring the look and function of your teeth. The added bonus is that, even more than not affecting the other teeth around the implant, it actually stabilizes the other teeth, your jaw, and your bite. Dental implants are […]