Laser Technology: Waterlase’s Gentler Advantages in Oral Surgery

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The technological advancements in dentistry over the last several years have really been quite amazing. Treatments are much more comfortable, which allows for a relaxed, stress-free experience that’s not painful. One way we’ve helped our patients feel comfortable is the Waterlase — a more relaxed and pain free approach to oral surgery.

What is a Waterlase & How Is It Used in Oral Surgery?

A Waterlase uses a water-energized laser beam to cut oral tissue such as teeth and gums, and even bone! Instead of a traditional drill that can be more painful and intimidating, we utilize this beam of light to do the same procedures. This eliminates the pain and pressure of the drill so you have a more relaxed experience.

A Waterlase can be used for both bone/teeth (hard tissue) and gums (soft tissue).

The Pinpoint Precision of Waterlase Technology

The beauty of the Waterlase laser is it allows for pinpoint precision without direct contact. This eliminates or at least minimizes the need for numbing agents. Bleeding and swelling are significantly reduced. There is also less risk of infection. This is a way of delivering oral surgery that’s quick, relatively pain free, and minimally invasive.

The Advantages of Waterlase with Pediatric Oral Surgery

Waterlase is a great choice for pediatric oral surgeons because of its lighter approach. Infants, children, and teens can be especially sensitive to pain. A water laser delivers a comfortable approach to oral surgery because there are no invasive vibrations, surgeries are more precise, and pain is kept to a minimum.

Waterlase to Address Tongue Tied Issues

A Waterlase is a great way to address “tongue-tied” issues in infants as young as 48 hours old when they can’t latch on to a feed. Tongue tied infants have a congenitally short lingual frenulum. This is the tiny piece of tissue connecting the tongue to the floor of your mouth. If that tissue is thickened or tightened, it can limit a baby’s ability to nurse or bottle-feed. This may cause speech issues later in life. Tongue tied issues are a common issue in pediatric oral surgery.

The Waterlase can address tongue tied issues by applying water light with a precision that isn’t painful for the infant. We’ve helped babies as young as two days successfully recover from being tongue tied with the Waterlase.

A Simpler Approach to Soft Tissue Surgery

Waterlase allows us to abandon the traditional scalpel to deliver soft tissue surgery in a way that’s much gentler, precise, and safer. There’s less healing time required and a lower risk of infection. It’s a great way to minimize discomfort, pain, and anxiety.

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