Is Pediatric Oral Surgery in Your Child’s Future? Don’t Worry.

girl not nervous about pediatric oral surgery

It is natural to be anxious about your child having any kind of surgery. But you don’t need to worry if you are coming to Wilmington Oral Surgery. Dr. Puckett and his staff are experts in treating children; we have provided oral surgery treatment to patients as young as two days old.

Most procedures in children are best performed with sedation, to reduce anxiety and minimize the potential for an unpleasant experience, which can have long-lasting effects for the patient.

  • Common Pediatric Oral Surgery Procedures:
  • Removal of primary (baby) teeth
  • Removal of adult teeth (usually for braces)
  • Exposure of teeth (this is to aid eruption of teeth such as impacted canines)
  • Removal of extra teeth

Selecting A Pediatric Oral Surgeon

You want to select a surgeon with a reassuring “bedside manner.” Dr. Puckett is known for his friendly and compassionate personality. He does not “talk down” to patients.

At the initial consultation visit, Dr. Puckett will not only evaluate and discuss the treatment plan, but will allow time to have questions and concerns answered.

Getting Ready

You can help your child prepare by explaining the surgery to them, and answering their questions. Children can tell when a parent is nervous, so remain calm.

Watch their health in the week before the procedure. If they show signs of a cold or the flu, notify your oral surgeon right away. Make sure your child has a good night’s sleep the night before the surgery.

Follow the post-op instructions to the letter to prevent any complications.

Give your child a sense of control over the proceedings. Let them pick a book to bring, for example. Let them choose what to eat the night before.

When It’s Time

When your child comes for the procedure, we will put them at ease, and make sure they are comfortable before, during and after the procedure.