How CT Technology is Changing Dentistry

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When most people think of dental care, the first thing that comes to mind is a trip to the dentist’s office for a cleaning. However, advances in computed tomography (CT) technology are changing the way dentists work, and making it possible for them to provide more comprehensive care without having to leave their offices. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at how CT technology is transforming dentistry and explore some of its benefits. Stay tuned!

What is Computed Tomography?

Computed tomography, CT, is an x-ray imaging procedure that is completely computerized. It works by using narrow x-ray beams rotating around the body, producing cross-sectional images. These sliced images are then digitally stacked together, forming a 3D image, giving the physician more detailed information than traditional x-rays can.

CT scans can identify diseases or injuries spanning different areas of the body. The images that come from CT scans are able to show the skeleton, organs and tissues, enhancing the physician’s ability to identify any abnormalities. This is an advantage because an exact location can be pinpointed.

CT in Dentistry

In the dental field, dental cone beam computed tomography is used when traditional x-rays cannot show the detail needed. These scans are used to show 3D images of structures, tissue, nerves and bone allowing for better decision making. The process of cone beam CT is different from traditional CT scans. These machines are smaller and less expensive than traditional CT machines, allowing them to be used in outpatient offices. The images produced can show diseases related to your jaw, dentition, bone structures, as well as your nasal cavity. Although it does not show as much information as a conventional CT scan, it does paint a good picture while using lower radiation levels. Dental cone beam CT is helpful with other complex procedures such as:

How Wilmington Oral Surgery Uses CT

Wilmington Oral Surgery is integrating the latest technology in our offices to better serve our patients. Utilizing dental cone beam CT allows us to accurately diagnose issues to create a precise treatment plan. This technology aids with dental implant cases that may be more complicated. Being able to evaluate exact details of oral structures allows for more precise, minimally invasive implant surgery. It optimizes the placement of the implant, lowering healing time.

As technology continues to evolve the world, the medical field evolves with it. If you are in need of a dental procedure that might require a dental cone beam CT scan, check out how Wilmington Oral Surgery can help today!

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