Addressing The Opioid Crisis

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By now, nearly all of us either know or are aware of someone affected by the opioid epidemic. Wilmington Oral Surgery has been proactive in combatting this problem. For many years now, our office has taken initiative to encourage natural and homeopathic measures in order to minimize pain and accelerate healing. When pain medications are necessary, we recommend using one-half of the narcotic dose with the anti-inflammatory.

Homeopathic Products To Reduce Pain After Oral Surgery

Many of our patients request homeopathic products and then report excellent results! For over ten years, we have used Sock-it, a natural cinnamon/clove/thyme gel which reduces postoperative pain and essentially eliminates the risk of dry socket. Now, we are also excited to offer Stellalife VEGA products. This recovery kit (rinse, sublingual spray, and gel) is started two or three days prior to surgery and continues postoperatively for five to seven days. A great benefit to the VEGA recovery kit is the preoperative use – we are blocking the natural response to pain and inflammation before it starts! Compassionate excellence applies not only to addressing pain control.

Compassionate excellence is also being part of the solution, rather than part of the problem, when dealing with narcotic pain medications.