Advances in implant technology now make it possible to have fully functioning teeth in a single day. Traditional implant planning usually requires multiple months of healing after removing teeth, and then additional time after implants are placed, before the teeth are replaced. Long-term studies have shown great success of immediate implant placement and delivery of the fixed prosthesis. Working together with your general dentist, Dr. Puckett and his staff can remove teeth, place implants, and deliver a fixed (not removable) prosthesis. Computer-assisted planning of the case before surgery will result in more efficient implant placement, less patient discomfort, reducing or eliminating the need for bone grafting, and an easier recovery.

The initial step is an examination and a digital 3-D CT. Once this information is obtained, our team will coordinate the plan with the dentist and the dental lab to finalize the restorative and surgical plan. Usually two to four appointments are needed prior to the day of surgery. This technology can also be used in patients who have had dentures for many years. Even with significant bone loss, Dr. Puckett and his staff can evaluate your condition and formulate a plan to restore your mouth and function.