Occasionally, your dentist or physician will notice an abnormality in your oral cavity or within your jaw and recommend having the area evaluated. Dr. Puckett has over twenty years of experience evaluating and treating pathology of the face and jaws. He realizes that hearing the word ‘biopsy’ mentioned instills fear of the worst for many patients. At Wilmington Oral Surgery, we make every effort to schedule pathology / biopsy patients in an expedient fashion, due to the elevated level of concern and worry. A vast majority of oral lesions are benign and may not need to have a biopsy. If the area of concern is in your jaw, we will obtain a 3-D X-ray in order to assist with the diagnosis and help to plan the surgery. If a biopsy is performed, we will send the tissue to an Oral Pathologist who will evaluate the biopsy and send an official report back to our office.