Forensic Dental Anthropology: Did the Ancients Take Care of Their Teeth?

missing teeth represented by puzzle

Are our teeth and gums better than those of people who lived 5000 years ago? Believe it or not, the answer to this question is not an unequivocal “Yes, of course”; it’s actually more like “Well, in some ways, yes, and in other ways, no”. There’s a lot that goes on with regards to oral […]

The Delicate Dance of Dental Insurance and Oral Surgery Explained

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So, we all know that dental insurance covers our bi-yearly dental cleanings and exams; a general rule of thumb with all types of health insurance is that preventative care is almost always covered completely, maybe minus a copay or two. Many plans include yearly oral x-rays in this coverage. But after cleanings and exams, things […]

Reasons You Might Need a Tooth Extraction

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The teeth that come in after you lose all your milk teeth – your adult teeth – are meant to last you through your decades of adulthood. But lifestyle choices, accidents, disease – these can all affect how “permanent” your permanent teeth actually are. Getting your wisdom teeth taken out is one time where, yeah, […]

What is the Purpose of a Salt Water Rinse After Oral Surgery?

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After oral surgery, you will usually be asked to rinse with salt water starting 24 hours after your surgery. Why is this so important? Because after surgery, you may be vulnerable to infection. Keeping your mouth clean is paramount during healing to avoid infection. Here at Wilmington Oral Surgery, we usually recommend rinsing gently with […]

Dealing with Diabetes & Oral Health – Notes from an Oral Surgeon

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Nearly 30 million Americans have a form of diabetes, most of whom have Diabetes Type II. Those with Type I can do little but manage the condition, whereas Type II, if brought on by unhealthy lifestyle, can be reversed. The issue is, people don’t understand all the risks Diabetes II brings with it. This disease […]

A New Smile, A New You

Dr. Scott Puckett

Oral health is the gateway to total body health. Your smile can be the gateway to emotional and relational health. At Wilmington Oral Surgery, our patients frequently share with us significant concerns related to their smile. This can range from tooth size, color, shape, spacing of teeth, past trauma and tooth loss. Many people, though, […]

8 Foods That Help Your Teeth & Gums

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We eat for our digestive system, for our mental sharpness, for our heart and circulatory health… we should eat for our oral health as well. Here are eight foods that promote healthy teeth, strong gums, and great oral hygiene. As an oral surgery office, we like like to provide tips to promote a healthy mouth. […]