How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

dental xray

How long dental implants last depends on factors like your oral health, dental medical history, oral hygiene habits, your diet, whether or not you smoke, and how regularly you see your dentist. Most of our patients’ dental implants will last 25-30 years. Because of new technology, some placed in recent years will last 40 years […]

Bone Grafting (Not as Scary as it Sounds)

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Bone grafting, or the transplanting of bone tissue, is a fairly common procedure in our practice. Our oral surgeon, Dr. Puckett, is very experienced in bone and tissue grafts in the mouth and face. Dental bone grafts can help correct misaligned jawbones, allow more effective tooth replacement, and help maintain facial structure when numerous teeth […]

Options for Congenitally Missing Teeth

missing teeth represented by puzzle

Some people have congenitally missing teeth; they were born without one or more permanent tooth under the gums. Others’ teeth came in, but left large gaps between teeth. These issues can cause physical and emotional problems, especially when the empty spaces are in the front of the mouth. In addition to a less-attractive smile, other […]

Reclaim Your Smile

Within three years, 37 million Americans will be missing all of their upper and/or lower teeth, and millions of others will be struggling through a long history of dental problems and pain. Currently, nearly five million Americans have all of their teeth removed every year. We all know friends or family members who need a […]